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I’m going to SG 2 weeks from now and I really need the money so I’ve decided to do commissions!!
I’m open for 10 slots as of now! I will update if ever I can do more before going abroad!

Here is my complete commission info! 

Thank you so much for taking an interest and y'all are so amazingggg!!


Posting this because it’s incredibly healing and I think we could all use a bit of healing right now. 

Lapidot Anniversary Week day 3: Fusion

Only a little bit late on this :P Since “fusion” was one of the themes for this week I thought it would be nice to finally do my own design!

This fusion is Celestite, a gemstone associated with spirituality and specifically angels. To reflect this, I modeled her wings off classical art of seraphim with four wings outstretched and two folded over each other at the top. 

I’ve always liked the idea of a lapidot fusion being kind of dark or evil so I tried to give her a menacing appearance, taking a lot of inspiration from Malachite’s design. She has 6 arms, two of which are folded over her shoulders, as well as wild white hair and a big toothy grin. In terms of size, she is just a little smaller than Malachite.

As for powers and personality and stuff, well…I haven’t thought much about that XD When I was trying to come up with ideas, I thought a kind of trickster personality would be fitting, someone with a creepy laugh who is always one step ahead of you. I can definitely say that you would not want to get into a fight with her!

Thanks @mykabot for lettin me bounce ideas while I was making this! These epic arms would not have been possible without you.