giffing the universe


changes on our hands and on our faces // memories are mapped out by the lines we’ll trace

{image: four gifs of Barry and Cisco from The Flash. the gifs are overlayed with white text of lyrics from ‘Laughter Lines’ by Bastille. future!Cisco excitedly hugs Barry once he sees Barry in the abandoned apartment with the lyric “I’ll see you in the future when we’re older.” Barry and future!Cisco quickly down an abandoned hall in Star Labs with the lyric “and we are full of stories to be told.” future!Cisco turns when Barry speeds back into the room with the lyric “cross my heart and hope to die.” Barry and future!Cisco smile at each other before Barry goes back to his time with the lyric “I’ll see you with your laughter lines.”}


Steven is really going to have to turn inward and face himself. Throughout the show, he’s put everyone else first, and his main goal has been to become the person his family wants him to be. That’s got to shift. He’s got to accept that it’s impossible to fill the shoes of his mother, Rose Quartz. She was always barefoot.

What’s exciting as we get deeper into the show is making him realize that there are the magic Gem powers, but there are powers that people have as human beings to understand themselves and define themselves and make their own choices. It’s an incredible power that we all have, and are often told to ignore or take for granted. Those are the kinds of powers I’m excited to have him learn how to explore.

Rebecca Sugar for The Verge (read the whole interview here)