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Forever is composed of nows

By @dust2dust34 and @so-caffeinated

Felicity bites her lip to keep herself from making a sound, and the sudden burst of love that sparks in her chest is nothing compared to the look on Oliver’s face as he stares down at his daughter, hanging on her every word. He needs this, needs his daughter’s easy acceptance and love of him more than anything else to get him through today, more than he needs her, even. He needs Ellie telling him how great her life is because of him, he needs her showing him over and over again that she loves him, that he’s a wonderful father, and he needs to believe it.

And for this tiny moment, she thinks he does. Because she does.

Oliver’s arms curl around Ellie, making her seem even smaller as she settles in his embrace like there’s nowhere else in the world she’d rather be. He breathes out, a long, slow exhale that seems to carry the tension living in his body along with it before he dips his head to press his lips to her hair. He breathes her in, savoring the moment of closeness.

Felicity lets out a tremulous breath herself as Ellie does something for him that nobody else on this planet ever could, something she’s been doing ever since Barry brought her back. Slowly but surely Ellie’s filling in the cracks that have splintered his heart, shattered his sense of self-worth, letting the damage from all those years of brutal trauma fade away. Breakfast is forgotten as something far more sustainable fills him, fills his soul, fills parts of him that were positively famished.

brady was tired of eating shitty food.  okay that was a lie, but he had been craving something that could’ve slightly resembled a homecook meal.  so the blonde took it upon himself to try and research a meal that even a five-year-old couldn’t mess up.  he eventually found a grilled chicken recipe that claimed to be easy and take under forty-five minutes, and brady felt that he would be able to do without killing himself.  

after a few seconds of staring blankly at the chicken, a grin appeared on his face before turning on his heels, “Rory!” brady called from the opposite side of the apartment, slowly making his way over to the other’s bedroom, throwing the door open.  “So” he started as he moved to collapse next to the other, “we should cook dinner tonight.  Like I bought stuff, and looked up an easy recipe, but I need help with it or I’ll burn down the entire complex probably.  Oh, you know in like history class when they used to tell you that if like a fire started in one house than it like jumped to the next house and eventually the entire village would burn down?  How did that happen, can fire like actually jump or did it like crackle and the crackle like reached the other house and since it was made of shitty dried wood, it just immediately caught flame?” he mused as his mind wandered off topic, something that happened much more often than brady cared to admit, “anyway, i went grocery shopping earlier, and i saw chicken and then started craving chicken, so here we are.  So will you help me?”  


2012 ustream shenanigans (part 1)


30 Days of Uta no Prince-Sama Challenge! [3/30]

Character you never thought you’d love as much as you do now: Ichinose Tokiya

animation really starts to come to life when you add the backgrounds and colors!  it’s tedious but the result is so fulfilling~ ;v;