giffing bee movie


Why are we fighting to save the humans? They’re a primitive and violent race.

Were we so different? They’re a young species. They have much to learn. But I’ve seen goodness in them. Freedom is the right of all sentient beings.

the Sonic cast on Tumblr

Sonic: Never posts text, but instead uploads stunning photos of places he’s been. Loving close-ups of sneakers, sunrises, flowering fields and chilidogs. A few pictures are aimed at the ground at odd angles and show a blurry leg or arm

Tails: Runs a studyblr that reblogs pictures of old WWII biplanes. Engages in respectful meta with other fans about his favorite cartoons. Reblogs every single one of Sonic’s pictures with enthusiastic commentary. Regrets that his most popular post is eighty pages of keysmash where he nodded off over the laptop that one time

Knuckles: Reblogs rap lyrics, but doesn’t know what the space bar is and speaks exclusively in the tags. #thebloodofmyancestorsflowsinsideme #unlikesonicIdon'tchuckle #ain'tnobodygonnacomehereandeatmyplaydough

Amy: Constantly mentions Sonic in bridal pictures with the tags #OMG #IT’S FATE <3 <3. Sideblog is a tarot reading blog that occasionally doles out tips for crystal healing.

Shadow: Makes space moodboards with Emily Dickinson quotes in them. Responds to asks like “ow the edge,” “Don’t you have to hurry to the Olive Garden?,” “Shadow remember to call your father he’s having humans for dinner” and “zomfg I love you” with a middle finger. Blocks every one of his followers except Rouge and a kitten blog

Rouge: Vagues other GUN members on occasion. URL is working-girl-problems. Reblogs makeup tutorials and writes insightful gemology analysis

Eggman: “INTJ, 300 IQ, he/him, PhD in robotics, romanticist, gentleman, feminist and visionary, BLUE HEDGEHOGS DO NOT INTERACT!” Icon is of a shirtless Arnold Schwarzenegger with a bushy red mustache photoshopped on. Sealions discourse blogs just to be a jackass. Liveblogs his drunken rage whenever he plays Undertale and screams “GEEEEEETTTTT DUNKED ON” at the void before passing out in a pool of rum and ice cream

Metal Sonic: Goes viral because his entire blog consists of one post: “My humor may be ironic, but my existentialist dread and bitter loathing of my organic inferior are chronic”

Omega: Not quite as popular as Metal Sonic, but still has a respectable following due to his dry humor. Loves Russian gun memes. Pictures of army tanks are tagged #GOALS

Cream: Rarely posts due to computer restrictions. Her background rains flower petals and plays adorable anime theme songs. Posts positivity suggestions and reblogs Chao pictures. Everyone “aww"s at her crayon drawings.

Vanilla: Runs a baking blog with Chocola and Gemerl as her assistants. Once destroyed a hater with a line so cold that the entire site screamed "HE NEEDS SUM MILK” for two years. That hater was Eggman

Blaze and Silver: Comoderators that post Dadaist memes and complain about baby boomers. Have to delete ten thousand asks that go, “LMAO 420 BLAZE IT” and “YO SILVS WHY DONT YOU SMOKE THE MARY JANE ON YOUR HEAD DAOWG”

The Chaotix: Rotates between artistic photos of Japanese gardens, Casablanca gifs and the entire Bee Movie script

Shade: Emerges from the void to post videos of herself annihilating opponents in Mortal Kombat. No one wants to tell her that l33tspeak died in 2005 lest she snap their necks

Buddy: Runs a cosplaying blog. Text posts center around social anxiety.

Infinite: Is actually the Tumblr staff. Never fixes shit because it’s edgier that way. #I am the tallest of mountains #I AM THE DANKEST OF MEMES