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With No Particular Place To Go

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Fluff, fluff, fluff oh and, did I mention fluff?

Summary: Dean Winchester loved a lot of things. But if he could choose his favorite it’d be the pointless car rides he’d  go with you.

Challenge/ Prompt: This was a challenge hosted by the amazing @butiaintgonnaloveem for Baby’s 50th Birthday :D My prompt was No Particular Place To Go by Chuck Berry 

A/N: I gotta admit, I really enjoyed writing this one -even though it took 5 friggin days- I really want to thank @imagining-supernatural for beta’ing this fic. She is amazing and had she not pointed out all that stuff this fic would probably be trash. Thank you so much <3

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This might sound kinda weird so I'm sorry Can I have an internet hug? I'm a fellow cartoon obsessed girl having... just a real rough day. And you're really smart and pretty and I like you... ;;

Of course you can, pumpkin!!!! *hugs*

I wish I could give you real ones!! But since I sadly cannot - here are some cute su hugging gifs!!! ❤️❤️❤️


Film Meme | 1/10 Films
↓ Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas

You’re not thinking big enough, Sinbad. Steal the book for ransom and you can be rich enough to lounge on an island beach. Steal the book for me, and you can buy the beach. And the island. And the world.

Little Red Riding Kyahl

One day, little red riding Kyle was walking through the forest thinking about guys and looking for some nice flowers to pick…

…lost in his thoughts he didn’t notice a lumber-jack named Cartman resting at a tree.

Lumber-Jack waited for his moment and turned around….

…he surprised Kyle and made him scream for a sec…

…after they talked a bit Cartman showed the naiv boy the “right” way to go…

… suspiciously but still courious about Cartman acting so weird, kyle followed the stranger into the dark dark woods…

…after a long time they walked and talked, little red riding Kyle was too exhausted to move on, so they sat down, ate cake and drank wine…

…Kyle glanced at Cartman and noticed something weird and dark going on behind those hazel eyes.

Alarmed he thanked Cartman, got up, cleaned his clothes…

…and enjoyed the peacefull forest for one last time…

(or maybe they had hot sex…who knows?)


Yeah. Some random gif-set we made while shooting :3 Hope u guys like it!


I desperately needed to sketch something cute; since I’ve still got a ridiculously various playlist, painting another cartoonish John Segundus to some German not-quite-punk-and-not-quite-rockabilly felt REALLY good - so I hope I can share it with this image…

…aaand yes, that is somehow on the same shelf with painting another weird dark version of Ed Hogg; the process is rather meditative, mind that ;3

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Top 6 favorite French cartoons ( also I got Pokemon Moon from Walmart on Friday I think)

Ohh this is a really good question Roya! Also congrats on getting pokemon moon :D As usual, it’s difficult to decide who ranks higher than the others (well except for number one) so they all rank close to each other for me :3

1.Code Lyoko: bless this show, one of the very few that managed to blend 2D and cgi really well, also the story was really good

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2.Titeuf: this was really fun to watch as a kid, like a sitcom but for kids somehow XD And I can’t find a gif from the cartoon so have a pic from the comics, oh this poor dork and his weird hair XD

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3.Oggy and the Cockroaches: imagine Tom and Jerry’s slapstick but crazier, and you got the main vibe of the show XD it’s quite creative, as it manages to convey a lot of ideas without any speech at all, that’s impressive

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I wasn’t kidding when I said it’s crazy

4.Wakfu: oh well of course I had to include this great fantasy show! The world it’s set in is so wonderful and interesting, the characters charming, and the story is quite engaging, I love it

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5.The Daltons: when one of the most memorable group of characters from a franchise gets their own comedy spin-off you know it’s going to be fun *thumbs up* Made as an homage to the creators of the Lucky Luke comics, from the same people who made Oggy, it keeps some of the silly slapstick together with a good dose of crazyness

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6.LoliRock: Now, apart from the fact that I deeply love magical girl series, this show is really lovable, with interesting charming characters, pretty great animation (I love you guys at studio Inspidea in Malaysia, keep up the good work) and some cool worldbuilding and lore that we’re surely going to discover more in the next season!

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Honorable Mentions because they didn’t fit the top 6:

Martin Mystére (Martin Mystery): I probably learnt more about myths and legends from this show than anywhere else, good supernatural adventure series

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Totally Spies: from the same team as Martin Mystery, pretty cool story with an amazing main trio and good balance between their civilian life and the spy life *thumbs up*

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The adventures of TinTin (1991–1992): Looking for adventures all around the world, and mysteries to solve? There you have it! It’s pretty nice to watch, and surprisingly relaxing to me, not sure why XD

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And sometimes happen things like this as well XD

Ok but have you noticed how creepy this cartoon can get? Storm the Castle managed to give me big chills in multiple parts.

I recall a very similar feeling while watching Mewberty too.

(^gif source)

I think a big part on this has to do with the silence during these weird moments. If you notice they are almost void of sound. (i’m talking lots of little moments in scenes adding up) It makes them a lot more creepy and intense…

I think it’s also because the rest of the show is so upbeat and fast paced. When it slows down and gets weird and silent it packs some serious heartbeat and shivers for the soul.

I’ve noticed that the color palet gets a drastic change as well. Like it picks from a certain variation and sticks to it instead of just bright and rainbow all over the place. It marks the passing from fun to “oh-uh” real fast! o.o

Twitter is so fucking weird. Like the BBS youtubers and extensions of that group are all just retweeting art or selfies of people wearing their merch or sending positivity and shit, and the Overwatch youtubers are complaining about updates and bugs/broken features that need to be changed, so relatively normal stuff.

And then there’s the TF2 YouTubers where one is laughing at a gif of a 90’s cartoon of skeletons using each other as motorbikes and another who keeps tweeting pictures of avocado and writing messages in binary code

The TF2 fandom is fucking weird man


Fangirl Challenge ~ [4/7] Cartoons/Comics ~ Homestuck (13.04.09 - )

Homestuck is actually a webcomic but anyways.. It also has much to do with 13.04 which is my birthday, btw ^^

If you don’y know what Homestuck is… don’t find out! You’ll never have peace if you get into this, so much death, sadness, weirdness, randomness, so much… well, Homestuck.

(FYI, My favorite characters are John, Sollux and Jake, which is good for me because only half (literally) of them are dead ^^) (I also don’t own any gifs)


Roz Wells gif dump!

If you haven’t heard, I’m independently animating the first Roz Wells + The Vortex cartoon, a short called “Ant Agony.”

Roz Wells + The Vortex is an animated series I’ve been pitching around LA for a year. It’s about 3 kids (Roz, Uma and Dee - a human, a gray “alien” and a sasquatch) who play in a punk band called The Vortex.

All the major studios have seen it, as well as a handful of other places, and all of them have rejected it, so guess what? I’m gonna make it myself!

I’ll announce more soon, like voice actors and a potential release date. In the meantime I’m shooting for late summer/early fall in general as a release date.

Spread the word! Stay tuned for the short!

A Few Things to Know About The Universe of Laff-A-Lympics

1. Sometimes, everyone dances around like zombies, just because they can.

2. The cows all float in the air, but then again, that’s not so weird, seeing as…

…it, surprisingly, happened in the regular Scooby-Doo universe as well.

3. Yogi bear either had way too much caffeine and is all jittery, or his hologram is glitching out

4. Most-importantly, according to this flashback… as a kid, one of the bad guy characters didn’t wear clothes except for a bonnet, and had a father shaped like a giant jelly bean.


Famous Capricorns:Eddie Redmayne

“I did an interview once where I was asked who I found attractive and I went on about cartoons and Nala from ‘The Lion King’ - and it’s a bit weird but various of my ex-girlfriends actually did look like Nala.”

“Learning lines is hard for me because I have the attention span of a six year old. That’s why being on planes all the time is so useful – I’m forced to learn out of boredom.” 

Trade for drawsome-dreamer! She just wanted me to draw anything Steven Universe, so I took the opportunity to do an animation! Also, I don’t draw Stevonnie enough even though they’re one of my big faves. Sorry there’s little mistakes in it and stuff, heh… I was in a bit of a hurry. But, despite that, I think it came out pretty good. I just wish flash gifs didn’t save in 256 colors… :(

Pls click to make it look less weird!!


I picked up a bunch of new followers this week, so maybe they haven’t seen these…

These are gifs from a recent show pitch I made called Roz Wells + The Vortex. I brought it to Nick, Disney and Cartoon Network, but so far Nick & Disney have officially passed on it for the moment (CN haven’t said anything yet).

In the meantime, I still love it, so I put some info out about it here a while back to just let it out into the wild. I still plan on creating some animated Roz Wells content with or without studio involvement…

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