Dredd (2012) Dir. Pete Travis

“The helmet was just a non-starter of an issue, and that’s quite frankly the way it should be. It should always have been. I read the script, a wonderful script written by Alex Garland, and got to the end and was pleased to find that Dredd’s helmet stayed on. I then took a meeting with Alex along with Pete and Andrew, and Alex said to me, ‘Just so we’re clear, the helmet stays on.’ And I said, ‘I wouldn’t be taking this meeting if the helmet came off.’ So we were both on the same page.”

- Karl Urban


Rebelle (War Witch)

"When we take the magic milk from the tree, we can see things. We see ghosts all over. When I see the ghosts it helps me do the job, because I see the ghosts. I don’t see the red meat leaking red on the ground. All I see are the ghosts that walk in the forest. There are many, many ghosts here, You wouldn’t believe. Too many ghosts. Even when I sleep, I see ghosts inside my head."

Dir. Kim Nguyen