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Hmmmmmm...... sharing a bed. Like a roadie where the beds get screwed up (after Lardo graduates?) They all end up with kings instead of doubles.

[put a fanfic trope in my inbox and i’ll describe the fic i’d write!]

oh, man. i think it was 1electricpirate who wrote the most amazing fic for this trope? I don’t know if I could follow it up. It might be fun with Nursey and Dex. So like they could spend the first couple of nights kicking each other, and Nursey snores, and Dex hogs the sheets, and it’s just a hot mess. But then they sort of figure out - by accident mostly - that if they sleep spooning, Nursey’s snoring is a lot less noticeable, and if Dex hangs onto Nursey then he won’t grab the sheets in his sleep, and Nursey’s restless leg doesn’t act up so he doesn’t kick Dex in the shins.  So okay… so they can do this. They figure it out.

And then the roadie is over and the next time they’ve got normal beds, and Dex is all set to just put in his earplugs and ignore Nursey sleeping the next bed over… but he caaaan’t, he just can’t. And Nursey’s like “just come the hell over here, Poindexter,” and… well… now they’re sleeping in the same bed on roadies because whatever, it works for them, nobody’s gotta know.

And… you know… before they sleep they spoon… and talk… and Dex’s thumb strokes lazy lines on Nursey’s hip… and Nursey’s body is warm as he cuddles against Dex like an overgrown cuddle slut of a cat. It’s nice, is what it is, the two of them curled up together, just talking… or just being… being together.

When they get home from the roadie, wow, sleeping alone is super lonely….

Nursey suggests it offhand one day. “You could come over and take a nap. You know. With me.”

Dex does.

And then sometimes they cuddle on the couch, playing video games…

and then sometimes they just hold hands…

…and one day Nursey just leans in, simple as anything, and kisses Dex.

Dex goes beet red and tries to rein in his shock and just says “Why - why - why’d you do that.”

Nursey shrugs. “Because it seemed like the right thing to do. I mean, come on, man. We’re cuddling all the damn time anyway.”

“Yes, but that doesn’t mean…”

“Doesn’t it?” Nursey says. “Doesn’t it really?”

And Dex goes quiet, very quiet,

“Maybe…” he starts, and stops again.

“Look,” Nursey says, “all I know is I love it when you’re here, and I miss you when you’re not around, and it just feels to me like… like we ought to give it a chance.”

Dex nods. He breathes, and he nods. “Okay,” he says. “…Give it a chance.”

“Yeah?” Nursey grins. “So I can kiss you again?”

Dex holds up one finger. “Once more,” he says. Then, sheepishly, puts up another finger. “Maybe twice.”

They kiss more than twice. And they sleep well, that night, in each other’s arms.


Evvela deli bir kadınım.
Ki inandığı yolda ayağına batan çivileri bir bir sökerek kim devam eder ki yoluna?
Ben ederim.
Peki ya umudu kırılmaz mı hiç bir kadının? Ben her gece kitap aralarıma sığdırırım tüm umutlarımı.Umudum da kırılmaz benim kısacası.
Ne diyordu şair hem ; “Deli kadınlar, güzel sever.” Bak bu da doğru mesela.Gülmeyi ertelemem bir saat sonraya, inancımı kırmaz hiç bir yara ve umut etmeyi bırakmam yarına. Bin bir yalanın olduğu bu dünyada tüm inandıklarım ve şuh kahkahamla ben deli bir kadınım.