Hi, followers!

I have just opened a new Tumblr. Now, before you get your hopes up (if you did, but I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t), it’s mostly just for my own purposes, but…you’re free to make use of it.

I call it…

Snazzy, no?

This will be my new (and maybe your occasional/rare/never) home for all your GIF needs; and while I know there are already many Tumblrs for the same purpose (I could probably name a handful off the top of my head right now), I hope you enjoy it.

So, follow it now…if you want to. It’s totally cool if you don’t feel the need.

Thanks, all!

At the disney studio before shortening the GF theme song

Alex: Disney, quick I need to shorten the theme song!

Disney: Why? We’re already cutting everything else sacred out, like your gay and your scheduling.

Alex: I made the whole episode and forgot the cliffhanger plot. I think I can fit it into just those 15 seconds.

Alex: Besides, it’ll make it easier on the gifers for the inevitable tumblr explosion.

anonymous asked:

Do you know how to gif? I feel like all of your gifs at meets would be like 90% Brenna bar routines and you would just like up the brightness by one and act like it's a completely new gif set and post it a thousand times and my dash would be blessed. I volunteer to be your professional gifer by the way

I have never giffed anything in my life though I’m sure I could figure it out but that would kill me because I legit would gif Brenna day after day after day. AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT. Or I would gif like, Always Sunny episodes. Legit entire episodes.