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Tu comptes faire de GIFS des anges 7?

Malheureusement non. Cette saison c’est pas possible pour moi. J’ai littéralement envie de me flinguer dès que je vois Vivian et tous autres candidats wanna-VIP et cheap au possible. Je suis Team Marseillais cette année.

Par contre, j’accepte les demandes de GIF ! Donc si vous voyez un moment avec du potentiel, vous pouvez m’écrire par message privé en me donnant le numéro de l’épisode (où la date de diffusion). S’pas mal aussi d’essayer de situer à quel moment se déroule la scène à GIFer dans l’épisode si vous pouvez. : )

Stand With Ward Media Frenzy Week 1

“No more waiting. No more hoping. Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Stand With Ward Media Frenzy is a weekly event to encourage our followers to contribute a little media every weekend to our tags. Whether you be a writer, artist, composer, gifer, maniper, fanvidder, make something during the weekends ahead for all to share. You can choose to follow the provided prompt or freestyle or even to make this a time to update your in progress Stand With Ward fiction.

NOTE: Only Season 1 Grant Ward is deemed canon. Please specify if your media has elements of Season 2 and beyond. You may also create media for Kara Palamas, Dottie Underwood, (edited to add) Bucky Barnes and Natasha Romanov under the same theme if you so wish.

How to participate:

1) Post it on Tumblr under the tag #StandWithWard for us to reblog, or

2) Submit it to the StandWithWard tumblr via the submission feature, or

3) Post it on our new StandWithWard Archive of Our Own collection, or

4) Post it on any external site (deviantart / livejournal etc) and submit the link of your creation via method 2.

Prompt under the cut for those who wishes to participate in a flash fiction style.

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king-on-a-grass-couch replied to your post:don’t take stuff like the madden giferator post…

Are people really getting angry over a zodiac humor post? I swear some people just look for reasons to get mad at stuff sometimes lol.

Not on this post particularly, but we’ve had other similar ones where people have gotten irked by what we choose for their sign, lol. We aren’t here to be 100 percent accurate (there isn’t even 100 percent accuracy when it comes to basic astrology)…we are high school students and aren’t ridiculously educated on all of astrology, but we do know a good amount and we just try to make our blog unique and fun! But yeah, people somehow find ways to get angry over the littlest things.