“I’m fairly new to this fandom, even though I have loved HTTYD for years, and I just want to say how I love it so much! There are so little toxic people and it really is international and very much active, even after 7 years of existence! Cheers to all the fan-artists, fanfiction writers, gifers, confessioners (:P), and really anyone in this fandom (including those who don’t really participate in tumblr posts, like me). Thank all of you for being so awesome!”

The time has come yet again to welcome another admin into our midst. Please welcome our newest admin, Admin Cass! You may recognize her as @casshelps, an amazing gifer and super helpful rph. Her mascot is Diane Guerrero, but her Admin mascot will be Camila Mendes, so if you see those faces around, it’s probably Cass.  She’ll be helping GPN run more smoothly with updates and other admin duties. Please be kind to our newest admin and make her feel welcome, being an admin isn’t easy, but she’s wiling and ready to take on the challenge.