Can we just…. let’s talk about this. When the abnormal titan that ate Thomas jumped at them and everyone tried to get out of the way, Armin wasn’t even looking at where he was going.

He was looking back at Eren.

He had to make sure that Eren was still with him.

He needed Eren to be safe, regardless of what happened to him.

That’s why he landed on his hands and knees on the roof. We know it hurt because he made a pained noise as he slammed into the roof tiles, but what did he do then?

He got right up and turned around to make sure that Eren was there before looking back to see if anyone had been caught.

Then, when Eren went after the abnormal titan, Armin immediately screamed Eren’s name and went after him. He knew he was too infuriated to think straight and didn’t want him to get hurt. Armin is physically weak and knew he could die, but without a second thought, he followed Eren into a titan-infested area without a moment of deliberation.

If you think that isn’t the sweetest thing, you can fight me.