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Z - #1 favorite thing about Eli

bahhdfljwiaojfdslk but there are so many things……

there are just so many different things that i like about him, but none of them seem good enough on their own, not to be considered the “best.” the best thing about eli is really…everything that makes him into the person that he is.

i don’t know if i should pick something physical or something about his personality or something intangible or…

i dunno. his voice? it can be so soft and gentle, but also loud and crazy. his laugh, the way he raps, even the way he sings… it’s how we communicate. it’s one of the greatest reflections of self. he has a nice voice.

to @keybunny @jaeseops

where should i begin. you know, i honestly didn’t know i would actually be able to become friends irl with both of you. i’ve never had a friend whom i talk quite alot to, meet irl on tumblr. it’s kinda amazing actually.

thank you @keybunny for asking me a question on tumblr for the first time ever, that’s where we kinda talked. and that’s when we continue to talk. and that’s when we became closer. i’m just, idk, grateful? i mean, it’s really hard to find fans nowadays who are matured, nice, sweet, understanding & respectful. and i found you. and on top of all these, it’s even harder to find a 4nia, but i found you. sobs, you’re my soul mate forever. this is meant to be ♡ 

@jaeseops, you know i was really happy when you followed me back, LMAO. i mean, your edits are REALLY good and they’re so pretty ide. i’ve always loved your edits and when you followed me back, i was like KSMDKASMDKASMD IS THIS REALITY lol. and then i followed you on twitter and then we talked a little, then i added you on skype and then we talked more. and it happens that everytime i’m skyping you, i always need the toilet lmao. i’m honestly glad that i found another fan who’s matured, understanding and respectful. i realized, we don’t exactly like the same group of people & all, but both of us were able to respect one another’s interest. which i find it really amazing. i mean, these days, with our conversation, fanwars might happen. and i realized, we are both pretty similar 8D

you two girls, i’m glad i know you. we might not be that close yet, but it’s okay. i’m happy enough to have know both of you. both are you are really pretty irl ;~~; and such qt girls ♡ i love you both :-)

let’s attend more concerts together.