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i was basically cleaning out my bookmarks & realised there are a ton of sites that save my life on a daily basis when it comes to rping/being a rph blog ?? hence, i’ve decided to make a small masterpost for you guys !! naturally, likes & reblogs are highly appreciated if you found this useful !! 

I. GIFS (aka editing gifs w/out photoshop !!)





Online GIF Maker Tool - A Boon for Marketers

GIF, short term for graphical interchange format is a type of image in which there are multiple image frames encoded into a single image file. This results into a repetitive animation clip. GIF’s can be used as a form of communication as you can build various interactive clips. There are some very For example, suppose you have an image gallery on top image sharing website such as FacebookFlickr or Picasa. You can build funky and interactive animation clips with your images.

Gif format, allows you to connect various images, so if you want to build a nice presentation with your images, you can do that easily.If you are a marketer , then gif format can be a big help for you to create slides and graphics to interact with your customers. There is a very good tutorial which can guide you about the history and evolution of GIFs.

Hollywood is using Gif for marketing and promotion of Movies. Recently there was an App launched for American Reunion movie on which the developers have deployed an online GIF creator with which fans can create Gif animation of their favorite American Pie characters. This innovative move helped in engaging lots of fans.

Same happened with Adidas, when they launched their blog on tumblr and used a gif animation on home page. That gif animation was of a soccer player kicking the ball. That image got thousands of reposts.

GIF format is used by marketers and always given preference over .jpeg images due to the gif image ability to create strong engagement. People love to watch images and videos and a perfect GIF is the most popular choice among marketers to lure customers towards their business.