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also, about that jikook getting paired up in today's episode ask.... was it just me or did it look like the rest of the group was kinda like "ahahha, these two got paired together" and kinda looked like those friends who were super supportive of the two who liked each other?? like, they were lightly pushing them together and laughing and also looking really happy for them. idk, they may have just been happy because jikook was happy, but thats just what i got from that lil moment from them

yoongi legit patted jm on the back with a huge smile and then pushed jimin towards jungkook, so you weren’t seeing things haha. like look at him trying to be slick, but really pushing (ok like directing jimin where to go, bc his hands like flapping about pointing toward jk) them together. (gifcred to jiminthefairyprince)

and like….. not to mention look at jin and hoseoks supportive smiles in the corner, smiling like proud parents and watching them fondly as hell. and then rapmon looking between them (last gif) like “ohhhhh,,,,, these twooooo.” and then tae messin with his his papter. but like, for real. they all look so fond of jikook being paired together. (to clarify the following is a joking headcanon, im not over analyzing) like imagine jikook complaining previously about ow they are never able to be together in groups and how they always have other people as their partners. and then they manage to get each other and the members are just like “awww cute lil boyfriends finally get their freetime” 

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hey, uhh..... remember that super duper gay jikook moment where jungkook was doing a poem after a performance, and ended with "i will become ur husband" or some shit like that while looking directly at jimin, causing jimin to fucking flip out and smile so wide and just get all flustered and giggly, while jhope and jin looked so giggly as well, they looked like probably every jikook shipper in that moment. lmao, bts who, jikook are legends *and* bfs (is joke i love all of bts with my whole heart)


(gifcred bwiseoks)


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I still think about the way jungkook just lifted jimin and put him over his shoulder like he literally weighs nothing.. and it was so natural..? his hands all over his thighs and ass wow and i honestly think if jimin wasn't moving so much then jungkook would've continued walking and placed him on the table or his chair.... the look they shared after says a lot i feel like they forgot they were being filmed lmao + the fact that it was unscripted and the staff told them to do whatever they wanted

this is one of the best asks i’ve ever gotten. 10/10, you put it beautifully. the whole run ep was unscripted. and so of course jk decided to be wild. he leigt slapped jimin’s thigh, tried to push them through the bars, and then when jm tried to escape he picked him up and slapped his ass. jm was obviously used to this  because he didn’t flinch, make any sort of protest noise, or yell when jk slapped his butt as hard as he did (which he slapped that shit. like, they added the noise for affect, but you can still hear the slap, and it’s loud) and then the looks they shared afterwards screamed “why the fuck did we just do that on camera” and like they had forgotten they were bieng filmed. and then jimin was so unbothered, he was trying to close the cell gate, not even caring that he was over jk’s shoulder getting his butt slapped. and then the way that jk’s hands gripped his thighs, and wowowowo. that was some kinky shit (lmao, “please arrest me” came to mind again) (gifcred to comfyjimin)

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people are always asking for big "proof" of jikook, instead of all the subtle moments and... if thats what they want, why do we rarely bring the adult ceremony dance up?? that was, actually, probably the most romantic thing ive witness them do not subtly to this day. the song is about a woman coming of age and her lover having waited for her for shits sake; the song itself sounds sexy, and dont even get me started on the dance itself. the whole thing screamed non-platonic/brotherly to me, tbhhh

I WILL NEVER SHUT UP ABOUT ADULT CEREMONY. THAT WAS AN ICONIC DANCE THAT DESERVES HELLA MORE RECOGNITION. IT SHOULD BE PUT IN THE LOUVRE, IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL. Y’ALL CAN PLAY ADULT CEREMONY AT MY FUNERAL AND I WILL RISE FROM MY GRAVE TO CLAP AND CHEER JIKOOK ON!!! but for real, that shit was…… romantic. and i know what y’all are gonna say “but, it was just for fun, everyone did something special, and jimin and jungkook just danced. what’s the big deal?” well, let me tell you. 

my boys, my two lovely lgbt sons, danced to a song, (as the anon said) about a woman coming of age and how she was ready for her older partner to let go and stop waiting for her to be an adult. like. um. at the time, jungkook had just recently become legal in korea and had basically had his “adult ceremony” and he asked jimin, who is older, of all people to perform the song with him. he could’ve done it himself. he could’ve asked any other member. but no, it was jimin. and to add on to that, all the other members did something they aren’t very great at or something new they wanted to try (ie. tae rapping and hoseok singing and namjoon dancing) but no. jikook did something they were already good at. to a song like that. added on with the fact that the dance was like hella suggestive and just overall sexy is like. wow. iconic. jikook made history that day. 

(gifcred to confidenceatitsfinest)

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we, jikook trash, stick together. i'm so thankful for all the jikook moments we have been getting the past two days!!!!!! but at the same time, it feels so weird to be so well-fed (not complaining tho, keep it coming bighit) do you have any few favourite moments of jungkook being jimin's bodyguard? like jungkook daddy material (-; also, i loooove your blog, keep doing amazing 💙

I’m honestly feeling so blessed for all the jikook moments we’ve gotten. like, idk why we are getting fed so well, but i appreciate tf out of it. (honestly tho, what’s goin on that we’re getting this many moments in so little time… hmmm…) And honestly, i do have a few fave moments of jk like defending jimin or praising jimin, but i can’t find some of them and idk why?? so i’ll just make a quick list. 

-that one time when jm was the mc and kept messing up and the other members made fun of him, but jk was there like “you’re doing great jimin!” and kept encouraging him. wow. 
-when jk guarded jm at the airport and blocked cameras. idk why he did it, but im glad they did tbh. 

-when hoseok kept teasing jimin by acting like he was gonna give jm the food only to eat it himself. and jungkook just got up, walked over to hoseok, took the candy from his hand and fed it to jimin. 

-basically whenever jungkook praises jimin. it makes me so so happy. honestly. i love it. (gifcred to yoongles)

-that one time when jm tried to run away during the eat jin vlive, and jungkook just grabbed him by the waist and was like “where are you going” in that deep ass voice. like. wtf. (gifcred to gayjikookadi)

-basically anytime jungkook acts tough and cool around jimin is so iconic to me. 

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Okay first of all I am not an anti I ship jikook with my heart and soul. But sometimes this feeling creeps in which makes me think what if they are just friends/brothers/band mates. What if all of this "proofs" are a waste of time? What keeps you going as a jikook shipper what kind of moments screams "REAL" to You?

I feel like, even if they are friends/band mates, that’s still something to appreciate. because they are so incredibly close to each other and they cherish each other a lot. even if it’s only in a platonic way. I don’t really think “proofs” are a waste of time, purely because i only do them for fun. I think that shipping is supposed to be enjoyable, and not something to like stress over. On that note, surprisingly there’s not that much that 100% makes me think jikook are real. because I freak out over the smallest of things. and i honestly don’t know if i think jikook are real or not. but some moments that make me feel like they could be more than just platonic, are: 

- “let’s go baby”, the iconic video that changed all jikook shippers lives.
- the prom-esque backhug that really jus t killed me, honestly. like i’ve never seen anything that intimate b4 like. wow. (gifcred to tanktoptiger)

-the vlive stare, that was very eyebrow raising to me tbh. (gif cred to spankpjm)

- how sometimes they’re just very suspicious in general. like that one time, jk was holding his hand then the camera moved to them and he quickly removed it. (gifcred h-lou18)

-when jk back hugged jm and closed his eyes because he felt safe and secure around him. (gifcred to liveforeverneversaynever)

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I wish I could know who posted the iconic Backhug video. It probably is one of my fav Jikook moments ever and one of the reasons why I ship Jikook

honestly, same. that’s one of my favorite jikook videos because of how real and raw it is. they didn’t know the camera was there. that was just them, naturally dancing together like that. of course they knew there were cameras at the award show, but they were in a backstage area and probably thought they were safe. but they legit did that. jungkook grabbed jimin by the waist, and pulled him towards him while a slow, romantic song was playing. and jimin looked back surprised, saw who it was, and just went a long with it. like WHAT THE ACTAL FUCK!!!! like that looks like something that would be seen at a high school prom or a wedding. god i love it so much. (also: jungkook is legit whispering in jimins ear ??? and in a nother photo i can’t find, he’s picking stuff out of his hair ?? like how domestic can they get ??)

(gifcred: baebsaes

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do you know where i can watch that video where jimin is crying and jungkook is next to him? it's not old because jimin is blond, they're both wearing black, jimin has a hat and jungkook is wearing a hoodie

i think youre talking about when jimin was crying about winning but didnt even realize theyd won a daesang and jk was looking at him all soft like. yeah, thats this vlive right here :) (it actually is pr old haha)

(gifcred to tanktoptiger)

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I hate myself, until now i cant get over the video where is Jimin went to hug Jungkook when the light is off on the stage. Its hurts me, like why Jimin do that? Is there any problem? Its feel like that is the real struggle. Thats the first time i think about Jikook in different ways. What u think about that? I need someone opinion until i feel relieved. Its still hurt when i think about that again,

If you’re talking about this moment right here. It’s nothing to worry about as far as I can see. (gifcred to tanktoptiger)

bts were singing 2! 3!, which is their song to basically thank army’s for being their support system. they stopped singing the song, and the lights went down, in order to show army’s support and how much they love bts. fans were singing along to the song super loudly, and their army bombs lit up the entire audience. it was less of a sad thing, and more of a proud thing. it looks like jungkook was crying to me, and jimin went to hug him and comfort him. not because he was sad, but because he was so happy. happy that he is living out his dream, and has so many people encouraging him. happy that they came that far and are able to sell out arenas. so jimin’s first instinct, was to hug jungkook to be like “we made it” in a way. as far as i can tell. it’s definitely not something to get upset about, in my opinion, but rather be proud of. it shows how much jungkook (and all of bts) love us and appreciate us. 

plus this moment was really sweet, bc jimin’s first instinct when he saw jk like that, was to go and hug him. shows that he cares about jungkook a ton. 

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tbh their subtle touches are my faaaave, all of them and they keep doing it like when they were reacting to bv ep 1 and jimin touched jk's knee for a second there like idk but this is just my favourite thing they do. also i swear jimin has something for jk's hair/back of his head/nape of his neck cause he's been touching jk there since their debut days lol

i have a thing for jimin having a thing for touching jungkooks hair/neck. i love it so much. like here have some iconic neck touchy moments that i love with all of my heart because their so sweet and subtle and i just wowoowowow . (some don’t have gif cred bc they were found on google im sorry)

(gif cred to whoever made it)

(gif cred to jikookdetails)

(gif cred to yahjiminie)

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I don't know if it's just me but we all know JM has this natural aegyo but I s2g it becomes too much sometimes when he's around JK! Like in the vlive when he wore an orange sweater (eatJin) or the backstage moments when they are always together, he just looks/acts EXTRA cute (I don't know if it's intentional but like he just looks extra fluffy I wanna cry) He seems to act cute as well with hobi and moni sometimes (those 2 always point out his natural aegyo!) but it feels different with JK, idk

I don’t think it’s intentional, because like when jimin’s asked to do aegyo, he fckn sucks at it tbh. and all the members say he has a natural cuteness, and can’t do forced aegyo. so i feel like being around jungkook just naturally makes him act like that. and afja;e the fact that you bring up the iconic vlive!! jimin was such a boyfriend to jungkook through out the whole vlive, and he was just acting so smitten and aeofijae. ugh. I agree, though. His “aegyo” seems different with jungkook compared to with any other member. He seems to do it more naturally, and not really on purpose. he just seems very happy with jungkook (not that he’s unhappy around other members lol) like, this for example. 

(gifcred to kookmint) like this is adorable ??? i know i complain aobut ppl saying jimin’s small, but like, look how small he looks ??? and then his feet are resting on jungkook’s thigh, just tapping on them, and he’s like laughing and i just-  wow. 

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I've been reading your conversation about Jikook, and at the same time that I agree with you both about them still being on the "flirting phase", sometimes I also think that there's just so much sexual tension for them to not have crossed that line? I mean, so much? Sometimes they check each other out and it's just a lot. I think I'm more inclined to believe they're in a "friends with benefits" kinda thing, like, not fully admiting how much they love each other, but making out, yknow?

but here’s where I contradict myself. I have around 87347734 theories on jikook, but my most solid one is the one i’ve been talking about. one of my other ones, is one where jikook have acknowledged and told each other their feelings and have even made out a little or something, but just haven’t started dating because of the consequences that could result. I feel like jikook are hesitant to become a thing, even if they’ve confessed just because of what could happen to not only them but bts as a whole. it’s all just really complicated and we’ll never know the 100% truth. (tbh though, when you said checking each other out this gif came to mind.)

(gifcred to gayjikookadi)

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best part about jikook in today's bv2 ep wasnt them getting lost; it wasnt them eating together, or sitting on the bus; no... it was when they were first paired, and both of their smiles were literally so bright and giddy and warm and *genuine*. like, they smile practically all the time for different reasons, but i dont think id seen them *that* happy in forever. they might as well have been jumping for joy and squealing (im exaggerating cause it was so darn cute but u get the idea it was sweet)

!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS !!!!!!!!!!! their smiles and the way that jungkook said “jimin hyung” and how they held hands and jk just pulled jm closer to him. like it was so adorable to me, i can’t get over it. I’m gonna have to go to the dentist for cavities after that because it was just so cute. you could see the happiness radiating off of them. like it makes me feel so warm and gooey on the inside. 

(gifcred to jiminthefairyprince)

like look at how happy they are afterwards too???? and the whole day they were super smiley and happy and just generally having fun. which is like so important for them. and they literally did not stop smiling the whole day, and i jsut really love it so much. 

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i can't be the only one who noticed that jimin likes to hold jungkook around the hips (like...lower than the waist. i guess it makes sense? jk holds jimin around the waist more but i guess it's down to height maybe)

I’ve noticed it, it’s just that it doesn’t happen all that often. like a lot of it is on stage, or in photos. and i love it to bits. i just wish it would happen more. like, i love when jimin touches jk’s hips ?? idk why. and honestly, jk’s obsession with jm’s waist is just so same. like they both just love to touch each other. i love it. 

(gifcred to kookmint) this last gif legit makes me want to cry. look at how cute. like jimin’s legit the perfect height to rest his chin on jk’s shoulder. i’m so emo. look at how he does it so naturally. a;ef. i hate so much. 

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(i send you an anon every day lol i'm your user(name), literally jikook trash and i love your replies 😭) anyway to stay on jikook topic i love how jk can go from being jimin's baby to being his bodyguard. jimin knows jungkookie will always follow him around, i find it kinda funny tbh lol but they both like it

(ohmygod thank you so much ?? like that actually makes me so happy to hear omg) OKAY BUT TRUE THOUGH!!! like one second, jk is sitting on jm’s lap, or he’s cuddling next to him, complimenting him, just being this soft little boy. then the next jk’s all defensive and defending jm and ready to fight anyone who says anything about him. and i love how jimin just accepts it, like he just goes along with it. i get so emotional whenever i see stuff like this. like, god i just really really love jikook a lot. 

(gif cred to kookmint) like here we have jungkook, looking like he’s on his sugar daddy’s yacht, bout to ask him for a raise in his weekly allowance. but then we have shit like this ??? and it’s just like ??? what is going on ?? (gifcred to comfyjimin)

and then we get this, where jk gave jimin a backhug bc he was feeling down bc the members were lowkey making fun of his old selfies. and jk noticed that jm felt down about it, so he told him he was pretty (or something like that) and then went and backhugged him ?? like how fucking cute ?? (couldn’t find original gifcred)

(couldn’t find cred for this gif either sorry)