Farkle Minkus x Reader

Request: Can I request a GMW imagine for Farkle. You’re insecure because you feel that you can’t compare to Riley or Maya so you start to distance yourself from the group. Please

Warning(s): Insecuirty, kinda self hate but not really, swearing

Masterlist + Request

*Not my gif

Being part of the group was tough for you. You were always jealous of Maya and Riley, they were so perfect. They were gorgeous and both Lucas and Farkle liked them both, so you were always so mad when they basically ignored you. They would always invite you of course, you were their friend but at times, you just felt so distant. You were tired of being a nobody, so within a couple of weeks, you started ghosting away.

You stopped talking to them, ignored their invitations to hang out. You never went outside your room unless it was for school, food or bathroom breaks. But you stayed inside and didn’t do anything. You always thought of ways to make yourself look prettier, trying make up and everything, but you gave up, accepting the fact that you would never be Riley and Maya.

What you haven’t realized was that Farkle always noticed you. He liked you for you, he liked that you weren’t Riley or Maya, he was always fascinated by you. Farkle had noticed your absence and decided to take matters into his own hands. He walked to your house and your parents greeted him. “Do you know where Y/N is?” He asked, your mom nodded and showed him to your room.

You heard a knock on your door and you looked up from your phone. “Y/N, it’s me Farkle.” No answer. “C’mon Y/N, I know you’re in there.” You sigh, getting up from your bed and unlocking the door. “Where the hell have you been?” He asks, rushing to hug you. You hug back, placing your chin on his shoulder. “I’ve been home, eating, sleeping, the usual.” You mumble, pulling away from the hug.

“Y/N, why haven’t you been hanging out with us?” Farkle asks, sitting on your bed, and you go sit next to him. “I’m just tired.” You mumble. “Stop lying, I know you’re lying. Y/N, why won’t you tell what happened.” Then tears start streaming down your face, you finally blew. “I’m just tired of not being enough. I’m not like Riley or Maya. I’m not confident, adventurous, pretty, I’m just me,” You start. “Riley and Maya has Lucas and you wrapped around their finger. I’m sure they don’t mean too, but they do. You guys would do anything for each other. So there’s no place for me.”

“Y/N, do you really feel that way?” He asks and you nod your head. “Why? You’re prefect. You’re funny, generous, nice and you’re gorgeous. You’re not Riley or Maya, you’re you, that’s why I like you so much.” Your eyes were wide, Farkle likes you? “You like me?” You ask and Farkle smiles, “of course.”

“But I thought you loved both Riley and Maya.” you claim. “I do love them but with you it’s different, I always get nervous when you’re nearby and my heart starts racing. Then I realized that I liked you. You mean everything to me Y/N.” Farkle confessed. You were a blushing mess, and the both of you couldn’t wipe the smile off your face.

“I like you too.” you smile. Farkle’s fingers intertwine with yours, and the both of you sit there, enjoying each other’s presence and for the first time, you didn’t feel distant, and it was all because of Farkle Minkus.