Gif Break! -- “If I get injured, I swear I will bite my leg or arm and compete like that.”

– 24 year old, Cătălina Ponor (on her return from retirement)

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Sorry followers for not posting any Gifs of SKE48 today, but I was busy re-watching CTVs coverage of the Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Team Finals, and just had to make a post to fangirl about one of THE most beautiful female gymnasts to ever step foot in the sport. Romania’s Catalina Ponor.

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:_____; <3 *waves at screen*

Aside from my home team, Canada (so proud of the girl’s accomplishment this year \o/), the Romanians have been the only other team to completely capture my heart.

There’s just something so humble about the Romanians that just makes you want the best for them too. And not to mention, Catalina Ponor is dkfjakdfjakdljfak;ladjk FREAKIN’ BEAUTIFUL!! Like ridiculously, beautiful. She gets prettier and prettier with age too. And these days, she’s lookin’ mighty fine. I’m just so happy she was able to compete this year and Romania got Bronze \o/

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Everything about her is just so damn appealing. That facial structure, that body, her surprisingly soft voice, her humbleness, and that never-wavering fighting spirit. I find everything about her so attractive.

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Sexy, sexy, sexy! *___*

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The queen of beam! Marry me.

Thank you Cătă, for being the most unbelievably sexy eye candy to ever grace the sport. *eyecandygasm*

Gif Break! — MJSK 3 ship ship ship ship ship song.../o/

Just watched episode 2 and this song formed in my head as I was watching

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MJSK 3 ship ship ship ship ship song…/o/

Ship to the left, ship to the right,
I don’t even care if they put up a fight.

Ship the the left, ship to the right,
even if it feels weird, it still feels right.

Ship to the left, ship to the right,
and I don’t see a single life-jacket in sight. 

Ship to the left, ship to the right,
in MajiJo Prison let’s ship all through the night! /o/


Everyone in MJSK 3 x Everyone in MJSK 3:

Work with me here. LAWL

P̶o̶n̶k̶o̶t̶s̶u̶ *ahem* Stress-fracture Blues...
krunchie replied to your post( ꒪__꒪) Guys, I have a stress-fracture on my left foot…

Awwww take care ;A;

celicazeros replied to your post( ꒪__꒪) Guys, I have a stress-fracture on my left foot…

get well soon :)

Awww, thanks guys! ;___; ~♡

I’ll be taking the day off work tomorrow to rest up. But at least I’ll have plenty to time to troll around on the interwebz and other such stuff that I shouldn’t be doing at work, but dammit! interacting with all the awesome peeps on tumblr is so addictive! 

And, another good thing is that this will give me an EXTRA extra long weekend. ;D Yes, I’m talking to you Krunchie! My fellow lovely Canadian tumblr-buddy. \o/

Gif Break! p4 — SKE48 Trading Card Collection Part 3

So this is the last part of my Gif Break before I call it a night. If these are still available (I think CDjapan might be out but…), I highly recommend you collector type SKE fans to grab a box or two. They are totally worth the moola, and it always feels great supporting the group in some way. PLUS the little goodies you might get in each box (I got a limited piece of Yukappi’s t-shirt, and a limited Matsurina sig, not too shabby).

*looks through camera* 

Hmm…I seem to have finished with all the pics of the special cards I took tonight. But…

I might take a pic or two of certain cards I really like from the normal ones. I have 195 of em so… may take a year or more. /o/ 

– Note: There were about 225 (or so) cards all together. But I don’t trust my counting skills this late at night. >__>

Stack of SKE goodness. Healthy for any SKE-wota’s balanced diet.