tienka-turtle  asked:

There was a video shared on Facebook yesterday that I saw that had Oreo in it. It was loaded originally by Main Coon ID and I just wanted to make sure you knew that they'd used a clip of Oreo in it.

Thanks! I saw the video, yes. Unfortunately they used Oreo’s clip without permission. In fact, it is not even Maine Coon ID page’s fault. There was a .gif made by gifak-net on Tumblr a while back. No permission was given for that either. The .gif was removed from Tumblr due to Copyright infringement. However, it had already circulated enough to be found pretty much all over the place. It’s hard at one point to keep track of everything! 

Although “The Oreo Cat © ” is under legal Copyright, meaning anything posted by us belongs to us… things will still be stolen. It’s harder when it’s in a video montage. I’ve tried to contact the mainecoonid page and ask for credit to be given, but I expect nothing will happen. 

The actual video for that clip is pretty much everywhere now. So at one point, you just need to accept the fact that once on the internet… things will be copied and just sort of take it as a form of flattery.

As taylorswift says… you’ve got to “Shake it Off” ;)