🍬 Reaction to your wardrobe malfunction on stage 🍬

🍦 BamBam

You would be dancing to the beat of your music when all of a sudden your crop top’s string would snap, making the right side of the crop top fall, exposing your bra. 

BamBam would be shocked, wanting to go up on stage to help you, but the others stopped him. So he just watched you suffer from no one helping.

“Jesus, they need to make those strings stronger.”

🍦 Jackson

You would be dropping on the beat and getting back up when you heard the rip of your pants. Your face was flushed and you looked at the dancers. 

Jackson would try not to laugh, but once your performance was done, he would run backstage to see you.

“Ahh Jaigya, it happens to everyone at least once.”

🍦 JaeBum

You should of know something was bound to happen as your dress didn’t have any straps. As you were getting to pose on the runway, your dress started to fall exposing your breasts.

JaeBum jumped out of his seat and went on the runway, taking off his jacket to cover you up.

“She should have made sure it was tight.”

🍦 Jinyoung

You were swaying your hips from side to side, when your skirt fell, exposing your panty. 

Jinyoung felt his face flush and told the others not to look. He saw some staff pulling you of off the stage.

“This just had to happen on her comeback. Well, people won’t forget her comeback.”

🍦 Mark

You were doing a cool dance when as you were moving your leg, your pants ripped down in the middle. You immediately jumped up, putting your legs together.

Mark saw you walk off the stage sideways. He immediately got up and walked backstage, seeing the rip. 

“Baby its okay. It happened to me too.” He chuckled and hugged you from behind.

🍦 YoungJae

You were wearing a crop top with a zipper in the front, that was in the middle of your breasts. You didn’t know how, but the zipper unzipped and your breasts popped out for everyone to see.

YoungJae didn’t care if he wasn’t allowed, he didn’t care if you were in the middle of performing. He went on stage and hugged you, so he was covering you. He walked off with you sideways.

“Its Okay, Im covering you. Let’s Just hope that this doesn’t happen on your tour.”

🍦 Yugyeom

You were performing a cute dance when it all of a sudden turned sexy as your shirt ripped exposing skin that wasn’t meant to be exposed.

Yugyeom saw as your skin under your breast was exposed. His eyes went wide and he started freaking out.

“Hyung, what do I do?!”

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