As you got dressed, you knew that last night had been a colossal mistake. You had been friends with Dean for so long. The two of you had done such a good job of building a wall between the two of you, ensuring that no romantic relationship could ever grow or be built between the two of you. You made sure that you never let him too close. It went both ways. Dean was careful with you. Sure, Dean was your best friend, and there was a certain amount of flirty banter with the two of you, but it had never gone beyond that.

Until last night.

Last night Dean had almost lost you. Last night Dean had saved your life from a nest of vampires. Last night you thought you were never going to see the green eyed Winchester again until he came busting through the door, slaughtering everyone in sight once he saw that they had you.

Once he had disposed of the bodies, you a shaking, battered, bloody mess, he had carried you from the house and taken you to a motel room. He had taken care of you which had turned into something that was so much more. You had thought you had even heard him whisper three words as he made love to you, but now as you dressed alone in an empty motel room, you realized you must have only hoped for him to say those three words. Dean had always made sure never to break down that wall he had so carefully built. Just because you almost died, just because he finally slept with you, didn’t mean he would break his own rules.

You whipped the tear from your eye just as he unexpectedly walked back into the room. You had thought for sure he was gone.

“Dean, you should just leave me behind just like every other cheap piece of ass you’ve ever been with. That’s all this was. Don’t feel like you owe me anything. I’ll figure out where I’m going from here,” you muttered, as you stood from the bed and started to walk to the bathroom. You didn’t want to fight with him, but you wanted to make it clear that you weren’t going to be strung along. You knew Dean didn’t form attachments, and you knew there wouldn’t be an exception for you. You’d always known that.

He closed the space between you faster than you thought possible, grabbing your elbow and whipping you around to face him, pulling you flush against his chest. “Who says I want to?” He asked before crashing his lips to yours in a searing kiss. Your fingers threaded through his hair as you held him to you. After what felt like hours, he slowly pulled away. “I almost lost you last night,” he said, his voice thick with emotion as he softly touched your face. “It made me realize one thing. I can’t lose the one woman I’ve ever loved,” he confessed, searching your eyes.

A tear fell down your cheek, and he whipped it away as his lips found yours once more. Dean Winchester had just smashed that carefully constructed wall down with a sledge hammer. You hoped and prayed there was no hope of rebuilding it, and that he meant every word he said.