The Planned Parenthood tumblr team is here for you. That being said, here’s some things that you shouldn’t send us a pic of:

  • Your genitals
  • Stuff that came out of your genitals
  • Stuff located on, near, and around your genitals.

We can’t diagnose any medical conditions over the internet, so sending us an image won’t help us help you. A better option is to contact your closest Planned Parenthood health center. They’d be more than happy to look over your bumps, lumps, discharge, and junk.

Here’s a list of stuff you can totally send us:

  • Hilariously adorable cat videos
  • A post you wrote about your experience with PP
  • A cool article you think we might like to read
  • Art that you created – graphics, comics, poetry, whatev
  • A pic of yourself being awesome in a PP T-shirt
  • And, of course, your health questions!

If you have more Qs about our submission policies, you can check them out here>>

Thanks for your understanding, tumblr friends.

-Chelsea @ Planned Parenthood