When you want to buy something but you don’t have money anymore: 

When you meet annyoing people but you have to be polite:

When you find an anime you want to see but the first episode isn’t out yet: 

When you are about to take a last slice of pizza but someone took it before you:

When you are looking forward to read a manga or an anime but someone tells you spoilers: 

When you want to play a game or watch an anime but wifi is down: 

When you are about to make a post but someone has already posted:


Let’s take a moment to appreciate all their sincere, beautiful and happy smiles.

Everytime I see this episode [ep. 08] I feel happy, since in the game we almost never got to see Chizuru dressed like that, except in some route. It’s awesome to see her smile like that, it melts my heart!

I like how they all reacted at that jaw dropping beauty that she is :’) it’s kinda cute to see them all smile together, especially after finishing the game/anime series, it feels somehow nostalgic…

I can’t stop thinking about how they could’ve “escaped” that war, about how they could’ve save themselves and live an happy life…but of course it wasn’t possible.

I feel like Harada in the game was the luckiest and nicest of them all, even if my favourite is Hijikata. Don’t know why I feel that way, but it makes me kinda sad.

Well… I love them all.

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↳ Hakuouki Movie 1: Kyoto Ranbu (2013)

“You’ve brought your ignorance to the den of the wolves of Mibu. This is a place to become a warrior and a warrior becomes a protector. And when we say someone’s under our protection, we mean it.”