Cassian shares a nervous look with Leia as they take in the news of another X-Wing lost. The chances are becoming slimmer by the moment as the Empire bolsters their defense. The tension in the room is suffocating. He braces himself for any news of Bodhi’s call sign with each transmission. He’d wanted to argue before the squadron flew out; to tell Bodhi he’d risked enough already but he stopped himself when he saw the look of conviction on the pilots face. He’d never thought he would want to protect anything more than the cause before he met Bodhi but being selfish would win them nothing. Jyn looks on with equal worry and not for the first time that day he wishes Kay was there to say something sardonic and break the silence. After what feels like years he finds Bodhi’s voice in the chatter ‘Rogue One, got your back Red Five’ echoes in his ears. They’re in the final stretch finally making a run for the exhaust port. He holds his breath and hopes with everything that the farm boy can make the shot.