Aren’t you totally in love with him yet? And if not… WHY?! 


Fun and Romance in the JongYeon water park! [WGM - Unaired scene, ep 282]

When you just KNOW there’s something you were supposed to do, but can’t remember...

That heart stopping little finger stroking moment… [WGM, Ep 274]

All Around reaction: When their deaf/hard of hearing S/O confesses to them in sign language

Before we get into this, a few things:

So this is assuming that each person has learned sign language for their S/O.

If you like this reaction, go ahead and request if for any of the bands or just a member of the band or any of the soloists, and I will do a more detailed reaction/scenario.

Lastly, this idea came to me while I was talking to Admin Cookie Monster. The conversation (mostly the story I told after she brought it up) was definitely the biggest thing to inspire this. (If you want to know what said story is, drop an ask and I’ll gladly answer.)

Any dialogue is going to be like they’re signing.

Minjun (2PM). *seriously can’t stop smiling*

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Daesung (BigBang). He’d be so happy and proudly sign it back.

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Namjoon (BTS). *gif*

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Minhyuk (CNBlue). I love you, too.

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Eric Nam. *shy, blushing bean*

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Jaejin (FT Island). Aw, jagi! I love you, too!

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Amber (f(x)). *gif*

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Youngjae (GOT7). *sunshine*

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Jay Park. *cute Jay* *shyly signs it back*

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Mir (MBLAQ). *confident* I love you, too, sweetheart.

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Onew (SHINee). Aish. You’re so cute. 

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Simon D. *very happy Simon*

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Hakyeon (VIXX). *gif*

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~ admin cake

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Cnblue gif reaction when they come home to find you watching one of their dramas? Thank you <3

Hiiii. Sorry I took my time. I was reading to improve my using of grammar! :-) x


[discreetly stares at you]

[when kissing scene comes on]


[claims that he never knows he could be so funny and good-looking at the same time]

[when you kid to him that you’re not watching for him]


[finds it a bit awkward that you seem unimpressed]

[when you comment that he looks stiff]


[gets nervous on how his acting is]

[when you comically turn for him to response on a scene that gets him embarrased]

Him to the TV:

p/s: .gifs aren’t mine, so here’s a massive thank you to the owner(s).