Bts gif reaction to when you can’t really open things by yourself.

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Request:Hiii 🌈 can I request a reaction for BTS when their s.o can never really open things by herself (bag of chips, packets, bottle of water, etc) thank you 🌺


Rap mon knew that you always hated having to open bags of well anything by yourself, you could never seem to do it, and always ended up asking him.

Turns out asking rapmon isn’t a very good idea either, he would just rip the whole bag open.

“Opps, I’ll clean it up don’t worry”

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Jin knee how much you struggled opening things, so when you bought a new pair of tights for the dinner party you were going to, he had already opened them and payed them out on your shared bed.

“Oppa did you open these? Your so sweet”

“Anything for my princess”

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Suga and you had just moved into a new home together, as a fraction you decided to throw a party, when you got to the crisps to open them, it was a struggle and a half, thankfully suga knew this and instantly came along and opened it for you.

“You look so cute when you concentrate on one thing”

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Hobi was always practicing his dances, and learning new ones, so it didn’t really surprise you when he took you to one of his solo practices, you knew how thirsty he got when he would take a rest, so you went up to the table with his water bottle, you probably struggled for about 5 minuets before he noticed and came over, hugging you from the back reaching over to the bottle.

“Your struggling for oppa? That’s so sweet, I missed you too pumpkin”

(I don’t know why but jhopes Just always turns out so sweet)

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Jimin didn’t like seeing you so focused on one thing, so whenever you seemed to struggle with trying to get anything open, he would instantly go over and open it for you, and once he opened it, he would smile and for the rest of the time steal your attention away from whatever you were doing.

“I missed you my angel, we should spend a lot more time together, don’t you think?”

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Tae loves teasing you about pretty much anything, so when he saw you struggle to open up a packet of ready made pancakes, he stood in his apron laughing, and then when he saw how serious you got, he would open it and kiss your forehead.

“Why are you so cute? Even when your simply opening up a packet you place a smile on me, I love you”

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Jungkook was your go to person to open up anything, you lived together so that was easy enough, but he wasn’t always available, so when you went to one of his managers for help on opening up a new can of soda, jungkook became pouty and would say.

“But I’m your hero, from now on you can’t ask anyone but oppa to open your bottles, or anything for that matter”

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