Monsta X - Arcade with Crush

Request: Hi! May I request for a MX scenario where they’re at the arcade with their crush? Please and thanks!!


Shownu: Seeing you happy and excited would have him smiling to himself and wishing you were his. He’d also be very shy in trying to strike a conversation with you. 

Wonho: Wonho would constantly be smiling and silently enjoying himself (especially when he got to play). Games that had two players would be his favorite so he could play with you and be competitive (would casually lose to see you cheer in victory). 

Minhyuk: This boy would make you laugh no matter what was happening or who was around, he loved to see you smile and hear your laugh. I mean.. he is the mood maker of MX. As you lose a game and you’re pouting, he’d step up and be trying his hardest to make you not be upset (wouldn’t take much effort).

Kihyun: Lets start with protective. Kihyun would be upset seeing anyone look in your direction and if you needed help he’d rush to help you immediately, but he would like seeing you enjoy yourself as you try and beat the scores of each game you guys played. 

Hyungwon: He’d be very calm at all the things you guys do, playing games either winning or losing, etc. that doesn’t mean he doesn’t like your presence. He’d also be very quiet unless someone spoke to him or he was forced to speak. The main thing on his mind is his time with you.

Jooheon: umm well… he’d seem very cold towards you, but that’s just how he is. Though on the outside he seems like he doesn’t like you or anything, he does and seeing you get all hyped over the games in the arcade makes him all giddy and admiring you from behind the cold face.

I.M: just like Shownu, he’d be shy around you. In a cute way he’d be afraid to get close to you in case of doing something you wouldn’t like or embarrassing. Every time you pulled him to the next game he would get tense from the contact, but would get used to it the longer and more it happened and soon become not so shy and try to beat you in games.

ankahikoibaat  asked:

wait izombie did an episode where someone misidentifies a Sikh man? Full on racism? THEY DID THAT? I really do need to catch up. (Also the fact that he's a full sardar in that gif makes me so happy.)

they did! it was their latest ep, S2 ep 12, and there is even more depth to him than just shown in this scene. 

izombie isn’t perfect at all but this moment was 100% gold.