I really hope you guys know, Zoe did NOT die for Noah’s development.
Alright, you’re probably like, “fuck you kid, yeah she did,” but hear me out.
Look at all of the deaths.
Kieran flirts with Nina. Nina dies.
Audrey and Rachel are cute af. Rachel dies.
Noah and Riley date. Riley dies.
Emma and Will flirt. Will dies.
Brooke and Jake are FWB. Jake dies.
Noah and Zoe date and fuck. Zoe dies.

The killer is taking our main cast - those who are left still living’s - loves away.
And what do we have left? Noah, Audrey, and Emma, (And the Killed, Kieran), all in a love triangle they can’t escape. Noah has said he liked Audrey, Audrey loved Emma, and Emma loves Kieran. Perhaps Brooke has some involvement with Kieran? We know Nina did.

It isn’t a “kill off the POC party” its confirming a PATTERN. And, with that list, who’s next to die?
Stavo or Eli? Kieran, if he isn’t the killer?

Cause what we’ve learned through MTV Scream is… Love kills.