hah a nOPe. 🙃


he’s so LOUD.


jungkook really was cocky in this part why he’s hurting me

okay but let’s discuss disappear. you know that moment. the one where evan goes to tell connor’s family about the connor project. and his parents are so excited. his mom is so excited. and then there’s zoe. and she’s sitting at the table in silence. and then they start singing again.

  no one deserves to be forgotten/no one deserves to fade away/no one deserves to disappear 

and while that’s happening zoe still sits in silence. and she disappears. literally. the table, with her still sitting there, moves off stage. and i think that one small blocking move makes that whole scene. it makes her whole character. everyone is so worried about connor all the time. and if all your energy is focused on one thing, something gets forgotten. michael greif is so smart.

Wonder Woman.

So… I cried.
Not in the emotional, heart-wrenching parts.

I cried during the war on the beach.

I cried when Diana entered No Man’s Land single-handedly destroyed German troops.

I cried when she was launched into the bell tower and destroyed it.

Because I saw someone I looked up to.
I saw someone and thought, “That could be me.”

Wonder Woman is an important movie. Especially for girls. Because I didn’t have role models in my formative years. I was taught to submit and listen.

Wonder Woman teaches love.
Wonder Woman teaches independence.
And Wonder Woman teaches girls that they can be fighters and warriors and gladiators.

Wonder Woman teaches girls to be strong, and fierce and passionate.

Wonder Woman teaches girls love. And to the core, through and through, it teaches girls that strength is kindness. It teaches girls that strength is compassion. It teaches girls that strength is loyalty.

It teaches girls that strength is love.


“My American Language Partner, Newaza” by Zoe, part one, translated with permission by me

I know this isn’t my usual fanart translation but I found this comic so hilarious that I had to translate it.

There is a second part and I’ll translate it soon.