OEKAKI ZINE is here!
Twenty eight users teamed up to make first  experimental OEKAKI ZINE. Next issue will be open for foreign users as well, we’re looking forward to it!

For now you can buy a copy for 10 USD + 4 USD international shipping, PayPal payment.

What you’re paying for: A5 format, 27 drawings, 28 oekaki artists, 32 pages, high quality paper, ‘cute and creepy’ theme and a lot of effort.
[dla Polski ceny w złotówkach]
If you’re interested, please message

This issue authors:
javvie, xuh, M. Rzepecka, Haru, haptas, E. Labowska, vine,
caria, Blacku, łycha, villainesayre, patefilo, limonka, arszanka,
Megan-Uosiu, myslibora, Rzuud, hazelek, Agiss, Hoku, Losia,
duchpine, Szaris, Chilkat, eskaite, sucharek, Makowa i Ashy

Read our ABOUT page and visit for more information. We also have a facebook and deviantart page.


idk if no one’s actually scanned these or if I’m just really out of the loop (which is entirely probable), but it’s been nearly a month since this single came out and I haven’t seen any scans of it at all, anywhere.

Anyway: these are my scans of the LAST MOMENT type A booklet. The text on the cover is set in gold foil, which is why it looks darker than the prerelease images; scanners don’t like reflective materials very much.