Zico dragged a chair across the room, intentionally scraping the legs along the floor. Languidly, he sat down and propped his feet up on the cell door.

“It’s nothing personal, Jongup. Just business. You understand, right?” he asked, settling with his hands behind his head, eyes half lidded.

Jongup sneered, leaning up against the bars, shifting as much as the chains binding him would allow. “I dunno, Zico. The chains are a bit much, don’t you think? You sure this ain’t ‘cause your girl left you for me?”

Zico’s eyes snapped open and he slowly sat up, his voice dangerously low. “You shut the fuck up.”

Jongup snorted and paced back to his bench. “Yeah, that’s what I thought.”

Zico took a deep breath and settled into his relaxed posture again. “Your friends are gonna pay through the nose to get you back.”

Faint shouting echoed down the hall, and several gunshots cracked in the tense silence. Jongup smirked, standing up again and rolling his shoulders. “Mm. Here they come. It’s nothing personal, Zico. Just business. You understand, right?”


They're Looking At You
Request by anon:Could you please do a scenario where you and your boyfriend Zico go on a date to the beach for the first time? Thank you!This is longer than I expected, I guess I got carried away lol-Admin Kitty

You threw your clothes on, and then sat down in front of your makeup desk. Should you put on makeup? Eventually, you realized you were being stupid - it would just wash off when you were in the water. You had chosen the bikini you hadn’t wore yet for today, and you had put it on underneath your shirt and shorts. You dressed simply, in pastel colours and no jewelry. You had painted your toenails and fingernails, you wanted to look good for him. You knew it was sort of stupid. I mean, it wasn’t particularly a special occasion and he always told you you looked beautiful even when you were sick. But, you wanted to look good for him, you really did. You tended not to be outside for too long together, because it was difficult with fans and everything but today, we would be out in the open. This was the first time you’d been to the beach together. You wanted to look like the sort of girl that deserved to be with a flawless idol like himself. You wanted to do him proud, not have him be embarrassed to be seen with you.  You had just finished braiding your hair when there was a knock on the door. “Jagiiiiiii, open up~!” You heard your boyfriends voice shout out, but you could hear the grin in his voice. You ran to the door, taking a deep breath before opening it. Your boyfriend was wearing a wife beater that hugged his abs and showed off his muscles, while his shorts hung low on his waist. He held a towel in his hand and a rucksack on his back. “You ready?” He grinned his beautiful grin. You nodded, stepping out. He began laughing, “Jagi, you might want to put some shoes on."  He pointed down at your feet and you blushed, "Oops…” You wandered back into the house, and slipped on your favorite purple flip flops, picking up your duffell bag and towel up as you went. When you turned back around, Jiho pulled you into a tight hug and then leaned down to brush his lips across yours. “You ok?” He smiled. You grinned, “Yeah, I’m good. Why?"  He sniggered, "It’s just that, well, ____, you just tried to leave your apartment without shoes. Or a towel. Or your bag.” You laughed a little, “No. I’m good, I’m good."  He took his hands from your waist and intertwined his fingers with yours, "Good, let’s go.”   In the car, you tried to keep your breathing steady. Because, to tell you the truth, you were a little nervous. He’d never really seen you in your bikini before and you wondered what he would think. You cursed yourself for not picking a different one or atleast checking out in the mirror how it looked before you put the rest of your clothes on. You tried to match your heartbeat to the slow, relaxing beat of the music that played through the radio station in his car. It was an old acoustic track that reminded you of being on holiday. You looked over at your boyfriend and smiled at what you saw, taking in everything. He’d be off on tour soon and you wouldn’t see him properly like this for a couple of months atleast. You surveyed his big, manly hands on the steering wheel, strong and steady. Your eyes ran up his forearm and to his muscles, which moved only ever so slightly, but it did make you feel a little hot and bothered. Then finally, saving the best until last, you looked to his face. His eyebrows were furrowed and his features screamed concentration. His lips were pressed together in concentration and his eyes stared forward. He must have seen you out of the corner of his eye, because he looked over and set his eyes on you. “What are you looking at, pabo?” He smiled, playfully. You tried not to smile too much, “You look good, that’s all.” His smile widened, but he tried not to look too smug from the compliment, “I’m going to have to take you to the beach more often.” The edges of your lips turned up in a smile, “Maybe.”   When you got out of the car, he ran around to your side, and held the door open for you. “Oppa, what’s gotten into you…You’re being such a gentleman!” You teased, getting out. He poked your ribs, “Yah! I’m good to you, aren’t I?” You laughed, wrapping your arms around his neck in the car park, “I’m kidding, Jiho. You’re the best boyfriend ever.” He grinned, pulling you across the road to the beach, “I know.” He winked, making you laugh.   Getting onto the beach, your boyfriend took a quilt from his rucksack and lay it down on the beach while you started taking sandwiches out of the bag.  “No, no! Don’t open them yet!” He yelled. You looked up, shielding your eyes from the sun with your hand, and looked at him, “Why? I’m starving!” You pouted. He turned his head sideways and raised his eyebrows at your aegyo, “Don’t use your cuteness on me, that’s not fair. C'mon let’s go in the sea first!” You pouted more, “But…the sandwiches look so good, and-” “Aw, c'mon you know you want to go swim first!” You grinned at you. How could you resist that grin, You tried to keep your smile from erupting onto your face. He pulled his shirt over his head slowly, revealing his lean abs and chest to your eyes. He threw the shirt to the ground, winking at you. “Or you atleast want to check out your perfect man’s abs some more.” He teased you, raising his eyebrows. You laughed, “Fine."  You stood up and shyly pulled your shirt over your head, and took the shorts off. When you had finished, you looked at him. He had his mouth open and his eyebrows raised as he stared at you. "What?” You giggled. What had gotten into him. “N-Nothing.” He said, not moving his eyes. He grabbed your hand and you ran to the ocean with him. He kept pulling you in by the hand until the sea was at your waists. And then, with a devilish look in his eye and a grin on his face, he plunged you under the water. He ducked too and pulled you back up with him, laughing heartily. “Oppa!” You laughed, coughing and spluttering, which only made him laugh more. “Okay, now we can go eat.” He smiled, widely through fits of laughter. “I thought you wanted to swim!” He shook his head, still sniggering, “Nah. I just wanted to plunge you, jagi. You should have seen your face!” You swatted at him lightly but he ducked and just put his arm around your shoulders and guided you back to your quilt on the beach. You sat down and began to eat. He lay down next to you and then pulled you so you were lying next to him as you both ate sandwiches together. Although you enjoyed it, you couldn’t help feeling you were being watched. Of course, by you, you meant him. You knew that people would watch him - he was famous, after all. Everyone knew who he was. And there was fans everywhere. But you couldn’t help feeling a little self conscious with everyone looking at him with his girlfriend. It felt weird and unsettling. When you had done, he jumped up excitedly, “_____! Lets go swimming!” You shook your head, giggling, “I’m not falling for that again!” “No! I’m serious! No dunking!"  "Promise?” You looked at him. He tried to keep a straight face, “Cross my heart.” He pulled you up, but suddenly you felt the gaze on you again, even harder. You tried not to look around, biting your lip. His arms wound around your waist and his face contorted in concern, “What’s wrong, jagiya?” You shook your head, “Uh…nothing.” You said, distracted. “I know when your lying.” He smiled a little, tapping your nose cutely. “It’s just…people…are watching.” You said quietly. He raised his eyebrow, “_____, it’s a beach. People are going to look at you.” You shook your head, “No. You don’t understand. They’re looking at you.” He kissed the crown of your head and began laughing into your hair. “Yah! Don’t laugh at me!” “Jagi…they’re not looking at me.” He said, laughing lightly. You looked up at him, confused. “They’re looking at you.” He pressed his forehead against you. You began to panic, “What? Why?” He tried to contain his laughter, “_____, do you really think I actually have this many male fans?” “Jiho, I know you think your explaining yourself but you’re really not.” “Oh come on!” He laughed again, “Loads of guys? Staring at a girl? On a beach? In a bikini?” You stared on at him in confusion, still. “Pabo, they’re checking you out.” He grinned kissing your forehead. “W-Whaaa…” Your eyes widened. Boys were…looking at you. You didn’t consider yourself terrible looking but you definitely didn’t see yourself as hot enough to be gawped at. You blushed. “Doesn’t it bother you that guys are…” You blushed again, “Gawping at me?” He laughed and pressed his forehead to yours, “No. It just means my girl’s beautiful and hot enough to be gawped at.” You giggled, “You think I look…hot?” He smiled, “Of course, stupid.” He said, poking your cheek, playfully. Then, his tone changed, “Hey, shall we make them all jealous?” He grinned. “Wha-” Before you could think, he dipped you right there, in the middle of the beach with all the people watching, and pressed his lips to yours passionately. When he freed your lips, he stood you back up and grinned. “I cannot believe you just did thatttt~” You laughed a little. But you’d be lying if you said you hadn’t enjoyed it. And even though Jiho kept swearing he wasn’t jealous, later on when you walked past them and off the beach to get drinks, you couldn’t help but notice he pulled you a little closer and held onto your hip a little tighter.