If Zico going to be a judge for SMTM4 it’s going to be the best mess I will ever get to watch. 

Taewoon walks in all happy about his solo finally gets to prove himself and shatter the “Zico’s brother” name to see his baby brother in the judge’s chair. 


Hyung you can be on my team! WOO FAMILY! *gets up and starts dancing*

*a single tear falls down Taewoon’s face* This bitch is everywhere, I’m never going to escape him.

  • what she says:im fine
  • what she means:how the fuck is this possible did woo jiho paid up to the producers of rap show 'Show Me The Money' to be a judge in it, to bring woo jiseok aka taewoon aka gentle giant down?? when will this rollercoaster of 'im up bro, you down'/shitty bratty younger brother end? what did taewoon do?? does he deserve this? did he, crushed jiho's dreams of marrying a chicken?, when will jiseok get the recognition he deserves? but what if jiseok disses him and everything ends in fight??

If you still think Zico is cool then please go watch his Vines. Where he randomly videotapes people, food, candles, cars, dogs, studio stuff and SNK.

His first vine is him watching Attack on Titan yeah he the “coolest”