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How would be a first kiss and sex with Zico (maybe in GIF) ? Late night texting/phone call/facetime with Zico? Thank you so much guys!

I know you said gif, but we do have an ask with gifs of kissing block b and I’m going to be honest, I don’t feel like going through porn gifs to find a nice one that’s like first time-ish feeling.

First Kiss - First kiss with Jiho would be more than just hte usual awkward small peck. I think he’d be bold and go in for a real kiss. It might be a little bit of a surprise when he suddenly grabs your hand and his face starts getting closer to yours. But no worries, it’ll be sweet especially since he’d give you a nice grin afterwards (and a chuckle if you seemed stunned, hahah)

First Time - Slower and softer. Here he’d definitely be the definition of a gentle lover. While he would want to take it up a notch, he’d figure for the first time it should be more like this. But that’s not going to be how it goes for times after this though… just saying. If it’s your first time ever, he’d be more than happy to guide you. If it’s just your first time with him, he’d just kind of go along and see what you do and be able to match up with you. 

Late night texting/phone call/facetime here!