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someone pls help blockb pls


What’s better than a mug of tea*? Tea* in THIS fabulous mug with the best derps! (I’ve included the design as well, in case any of you wanted to have your own :D)

*or coffee or any other beverage you like

Block B when you (their idol crush) is recording a new song with them.

Anon said: Block b gif reaction to when you (their crush who is an idol) is recording a new song with them

 _______________________________________________________ Zico: *sensually looking at your while singing the lyrics*

P.O.: *you’re Zico* ‘Noona, let’s take a selca, so we can let the people know we’re doing a collab!’
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Taeil: 'You know.. we’re working on a love song right here, and I was just wondering.. who inspires your lyrics?’ *cough cough hint hint*

  Kyung: *subtle-not-so-subtle signs / implications he likes you* 'Your voice is almost as angelic as your face.’

Jaehyo: 'You’re gorgeous, do you know that?’
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U-Kwon: *as you’re discussing some chords he stares at you intensely*

B-Bomb: *doing his very best to impress you*