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melly, i saw liam's titanic interview and i think he was joking? like, it sounded a lot like playful teasing between friends or something

Alright, so here’s the thing. Like most things in life, timing is everything, and I belieb the Lemony Snickett timing for this has a lot to do with the reactions that it got. Couple it with the fact that Zayn can’t swim (which I don’t at all think Liam was thinking about at the time), and you’ve got yourself a real fuckstorm.

Let’s just thrown the video down here for all the folks at home:

So you have to look at the context of this for maximum impact - less then 12 hours prior to Loammy saying this, the Dan Wootton podcast aired, and we got these comments about Zayn that were like a grenade to the boob:

I won’t go into the problematicness of the comments again (and they were problematic), but  before the fandom could nurse its wounds with some soothing carbohydrates or Spanish power ballads, or  even move on to the next dumpster fire, in ass o’clock in the morning UK time the very next day, Loammy did the interview that netted the Titanic comment, and that seriously compounded the issue and made it feel like a Zayn slag fest. 

I do kind of think Doyen Global did some Business Hoe miscalculations in terms of fandom discourse. Just gonna throw this out here and leave it on the table next to my Cheetos, but some of that could be a byproduct of the fact that Doyen Global is a company run by dudes, that up until recently was focused on dude sports (that also has a fandom comprised of - you guessed it - mostly dudes) and might not fully get why a fandom largely comprised of women looked at the Zayn comments over those 12 hours and were like

But yeah, to sum this up, I think that if that Titanic comment had been delivered a few days or a week or whatever later, it wouldn’t have been as big of a deal as it was.