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Can you do a zach imagine where him and the reader are the 'it' couple of the school?

People stare at you as you walk through the halls, hand in hand, goofy smiles on your faces. There are some whispers, mostly of jealousy, but you never let it get to you. You quickly fall in with his group of friends, which elevates your social status quite a bit. Your relationship almost feels like public property, with people posting snapchats of you two wherever you go, but neither of you mind; you both equally showing each other off. Ryan approaches you more than once for articles on relationship advice, and teachers don’t even bother to split you two up in class anymore because they know you’ll find a way to talk to each other. But no matter how many pairs of eyes are on you, the one ones that matter are his.


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Can you do a headcannon of moving on from zach with Justin?

It definitely hurts their friendship a bit, that’s for sure. Justin is defensive whenever you three are together and it hurts Zach a bit to see you with one of his best friends. But in the end, you all know it’s for the best; what was between you and Zach was little more than a fling, casual sex and ‘date nights’ at Rosie’s. He never did any grand gestures or anything that made you feel special, a fact that you would later discover was consequence of him having feelings for another person. But Justin was very different. He really tried, and you could tell that he really cared and wanted to keep you. At the start, he goes out of his way to prove he’s ‘better than Zach’ by making grand romantic gestures and keeping you close by. But once the dust settles a little, he sees that you don’t view him as a rebound, you’re just a bit sad, which is to be expected over any failed relationship. He no longer complains when you talk to Zach, he doesn’t feel the need t keep you close by at all times, and Zach doesn’t feel like he has to stay away anymore. Eventually, you’re all able to become friends again, going on double dates with Zach and his new partner. Every so often you give Justin’s hand a squeeze to remind him that he’s the one you want, and he reciprocates to convey how much you truly mean to him.

Kahit anong takbo mo palayo sa kanya, at the end of the day, you will end up to Him.

Last semester, i tried running away from all my responsibilities and kept finding myself and enjoy how can I spend this so-called “teenage years” enjoy their life. How i kept chasing affections and attentions. How i tolerate the excruciating the pain i experience day by day. There are several ups and down. I tried running to the dark side and forget what lies in the right path.

But then, nagkamali ako. The path which im taking is slowly showing it’s light. And how the so-called “dark,painful and difficult path” is now turning into a bright, blissful and easy path for me. And then that’s the time, once again, I heard Him call my name. The same lingering voice gave me gooebumps. He calls me for another mission. He showed me the pain and suffering of the people in that mission. He showed me how they dealt with it. He showed me how difficult it is. But then, He promised me healing, restoration, growth, assurance that He will be there standing beside me, protecting me from all the situations that will let me down.

Once again, He, Jesus Christ is now calling my name. He gave me everything I need in this mission. The affection, the attention, respect, growth, maturity, and everything I’ve been asking and not asking for, those undeserved graces, those inexplanable circumstances, those priceless moments. Lahat yan sa isang “Yes” ko lang.

And again, He is asking me, Son, will you stand up and commit yourself to me, once again?

And i found myself again, walking and following Your light and realizing I’m on my way back home.


Handa akong maging isang unan,
na mag aantay sa'yo kahit anong oras kapa makauwi,
sasalubungin ka’t hahagkan
Handang bigyan ka ng atensyon
Sa mundo mong puno na ng tensyon
Halika, hayaan mong tumulo ang mga luha mo’t
hayaan mong punasan ko ang mga ito
Dito ka na muna sa piling ko
Dito ka na muna sa tabi ko
Dito handa akong mabasa sa mga luha mo
Dito handa akong yakapin ka sa kabila ng mga pagkukulang mo.
Dito kasama mo ko
Dito ako lang ang katabi mo
Dito ikaw lang at ako.

Alam mo yung pinakanakakainis?

Yung gustong gusto mo syang makita?
Yung gustong gusto mo syang mahagkan?
Yung gustong gusto mo syang kulungin sa mga bisig mo
Yung gustong gusto mo syang halikan
Yung gustong gusto mo syang samahan
Yung gustong gusto mo syang ihatid at sunduin
Yung gustong gusto mo syang protektahan sa lahat ng posibleng manakit sa kanya.
Yung gustong gusto mong hawakan mga kamay nya at sabihing “andito lang ako”
Yung gustong gusto mong makipag date sa kanya kahit sa kahit hindi ganoon kagarbong kainan, basta kasama ko lang sya.
Yung gustong gusto mo na matulog katabi sya na makakatulog sa mga kwentuhan nyo.
Yung gustong gusto mo na magising na sya ang katabi mo, at sabihing, “ Good morning mahal!”
Yung gustong gusto mong ibalot ang mga mundo nyong dalawa’t gawing iisa.
Yung gustong gusto nyong itigil yung oras para mas humaba ang pagsasama
Yung gusting gusto nyong magkasamang dalawa at kung pwede lang na hindi na umuwi, ay hindi na uuwi.

Kaso hindi pwede sa maraming paraan.
Pero hindi ba’t lahat ng impossible ay kaya nating gawing possible.
Basta’t maniwala tayo sa isa’t-isa.
Lahat ay kaya nating gawin?
Maghintay ng tamang pag kakataon mahal.
Kaunting panahon n lamang ay makakasama na kita sa lahat ng oras na maaari.

Hindi kita susukuan mahal
Andito ako palagi
Para sayo
Para satin
Para sa mga pangarap natin