itsseoulmates Got Yugyeom’s attention by yelling “YUGYEOM!”

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Bambam , Jr. , and Yugyeom @ kcon LA

God, this dance is so hot.
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yo bam bam was so freaking amazing w/ his fanservice like he danced towards our section with youngjae. YOUNGJAE IS SO PRECIOUS he kept doing his signature hand signal and wow what a qt seriously. Jr. was very serious throughout the entire performance. JB looks so attractive in person like i have never seen anyone so attractive seriously. yugyeom was such a cutie but he danced like a BEAST, mark kept looking towards our section and would give little smirks and smiles in between his dances. they performed stop stop it, just right, a, girls girls girls, and bounce (in that order). JB looked so great dancing, he was very charismatic the entire time and kept smirking during girls girls girls. ♥ yugyeom sang jackson’s lines for just right, and the rest of jackson’s lines were distributed between bam bam and mark. bam bam apologized that jackson couldn’t be there and mark said let’s make jackson feel bad for not being there by having lots of fun HAHA. bam bam looked towards our section so much i can’t even??? and earlier in the day when yugyeom did the fashion shoot he was dancing like the entire time omg. and our area kept calling for him so he turned and gave us a smirk like yo that’s not okay. jr seemed very serious then too, and JB was trying to act cool ahhh he was charismatic as well. youngjae looked like an adorable (yet handsome) child that could do no harm and mark and bam bam were just waving to the crowd and looking cool. got7 also did a dance stage w/ monsta x, it was so perfect, and towards the middle the “dance off” was between yugyeom and shownu (like no why) ♥ and when the entire show was over jb hugged shownu and IT WAS BEAUTIFUL.