so i was thinking about what superpowers youtubers would have and i had to write it soMEWHERE so here ya go:

- jacksepticeye: x - ray eye (glows green like sam ayyy) / super speed

- pewdiepie: super strength (bc of the brofist get it)

- markiplier: manipulate people’s emotions (??) / can track people

- cutiepiemarzia: time control/travel (hmm? any other suggestions)

- wiishu: can create objects from nowhere (she DRAWS them haha i’m so uninspired)

- danisnotonfire & amazingphil: can transfigure into animals (the whiskers come from within i’m so proud)

- zoella: healing (she just seems like a healer because she’s not violent at all idk)

- pointlessblog: power mimicry (cough cOUGH no just kidding)

- kickthepj: telepathy (it sUITS HIM)

if you have any other ideas or youtubers you want to add to the list please message me (!!)

also please draw/write this bc I nEED MORE


Will I live or will I die?  The choice is yours.

I’ve been reading up on the marina Joyce situation and I’m honestly so scared I can’t sleep. I used to watch her videos when I was in middle school and what is going on in her videos now is terrifying. Everything is staged. Look at her eyes. The way she talks. She’s making no sense. She’ll go from laughing to crying in a few of her videos. The bruises. The wobbliness. The hidden help me. The shot gun. On the justpasteit article there is a link to a screenshot where she replied to some comments saying that she made a secret account and that her dad is abusing her. Some people have gotten a hold of her mom and her mom is saying she’s fine and so is her boyfriend. There is definitely too much shit going on for everything to be fine. Maybe they are all forcing her into things? In not sure but I hope something gets figured out very soon because it’s so scary to see this being broadcasted for her entire audience to see.