#4 Connor Franta: Visiting his parents

 You stood in front of your door biting your lip nervously. You and Connor were visiting his parents, who made you sleep in separate rooms. Your body was only covered with a robe and you were just about to sneak into Connors room. You were nervous that someone might see you, you took a deep breath before you slipped trough the door. You almost run into Connors room and knocked. Connor called you in and you opened the door. A smile covered his face when he saw you. The smile turned into a smirk when you let the robe glide down your body. He stood up and walked towards you. He grabbed your waist and pulled you towards him. “We really have to be quiet when we are going to do this, babe” He mumbled before he kissed you. He put his hand on the back of your head and deepened the kiss. His hands started to roam your body, while you pulled at the hem of his shirt. You both quickly pulled away to let the fabric through, before you smashed your lips together again. You moved your hands down his abs to the waistband, teasingly hooking your fingers into the waistband of his boxers, stroking the skin underneath before pulling them down.

You stroke his member, which was painful hard, making you wet even more. Connor moved his hand down your body to your heat. “I wanted to do this all day” He mumbled against your lips before he pushed two fingers into you. You gasped and lucky Connor had wrapped one of his arms around your waist because your legs felt like jelly. You bit Connor lips moaning “I’m close, Connor!” He pulled his fingers out of you, sucking your juice of his fingers before he lifted you up and walked over to the bed laying you down on it.

He covered your chest with kisses and love bites, before he pushed into you. He thrust into you with a steady path. “Ride me” He mumbled into your ear, when he kissed you. You nodded your head and Connor flipped you over. You rested your hands on his chest when you moved your hip in figure 8s. You bit your lip, when Connor threw his head back in pleasure. You bit your lip harder trying to keep in the moan that was about to escape your lips, before you couldn’t take it anymore you smashed your lips against Connor. He started to move his hips against yours, sending you over the edge. Soon after you Connor reached his climax as well. He pulled out of you and lay you down beside him. You cuddled into his side, kissing his side now and then. He turned his face to look at you. “This was amazing” He mumbled kissing your forehead, mumbling “I love you”s and “You are amazing” now and then.

Username 666

[Username: 666]

Username: 666 (also known as sm666 on Nico Nico Douga) is a video pasta by nana825763. It shows what happens when one searches for the username “666” on YouTube and then refreshes the page a few times.

This pasta has actually created a few rumors, one of which is that the original “666” account contained a virus that changed all text into sixes.

Due to the popularity of the video, nana825763 created a “sequel”.

There is a similar video to Username 666 called “none” (lowercase) whose (now colored) footage appears the video the corrupted account near the end.

There is an exploitable clone of nana825763’s username 666. It’s a clone, it works, but sometimes contains creepy viruses. If you are willing to take the risk of letting it into your system, that’s fine. But it messes up computers. Just be careful, sometimes it affects other pages, too…

-The Story-

This story was told by a man who went to Username: 666.

“I worked for Youtube during 2006. I was a busy worker, and I recently upload videos here. What I didn’t know that some of the YouTube moderators suspended a Youtube account. I told them what it was, but they wouldn’t want me to.

I was wondering why I wasn’t allowed to go on that page, rather then what it was. But just then, one of the moderators handed me a piece of paper with a writing on it. It was a link. He pleaded me not to ask us about the secret username ever again. The link was a Youtube user link. It said, ’’ I went home after work, and typed it on my computer. I found out that the account was suspended, so it’s no worry.

But, when I refreshed the pages several times, some things changed. All of the video tags turned into the letters "X 666” and every single text in the screen said ‘666.’ I thought someone was hacking my computer, but I denied it and then refreshed it.

Just then, a channel popped up. It was 666’s channel. I looked at some of the videos, most of them were crazy. One video contained four babies twisting their head. Another video showed swirled graphics.

I decided to get off the video and went to another one, but a blank pop up was shown. I clicked the blank button, and it took me to another video by 666.

The video was shown a women drowning into a blood pool and disgusting things happen. I thought this was disgusting, so I decided to pause the video. It didn’t let me, because it wasn’t responding. I decided then to close Internet Explorer, but it wouldn’t budge. I also tried to go to another video too, but it didn’t work either. I thought there was no way out until I thought…

'The shut down button! Of course!’ I decided to shut down my computer so that the virus wouldn’t get through my computer again, but the button wouldn’t work. Shut down buttons respond all the time! I knew that I was hacked.

All hope was lost. I couldn’t get out of Explorer, and the video kept going on and on. And there was nothing to stop me. The girl in the video kept starring at me, looking at me with random sounds and beatings playing.“

-It Returns-

So you think you have seen the last of 666 right? Wrong. it seems the 2010-2012 Username 666 has been found and so far it does not sound fake, nor is it made by Nana (not much information is known therefore we will share what we have seen on this recent discovery in a list format for temporary layout).

Username: Suspended666Account

Created by: -Unknown-(No chance it could be Nana again)

Fake?: So far, no not any chance.

Date Created: October-2nd-2010 (The pattern was formed but de-coded to show that each year that passes the creation date changes and when October 2nd hits it says created in 2011 and then now says created 2012.)

Recent Incidents: -None to share-

The 'Another YouTube’ video: