Seeing Youtubers grow up and release books albums star in major movies have their own TV shows go mainstream watching them go from a few hundred subscribers to a few million is one of the happiest and saddest things you feel like there one of your best Friends who is becoming famous and you’re slowly growing away from them but you couldn’t be more prould

;__; Yaay! This took a bit to make, and I was contemplating on uploading it. I am a huge fan of the Youtuber known as JackSepticEye. I’ve watched him for about maybe close to a year now. He’s made me laugh for many times a day, I watch his videos practically all day long. And, he’s practically made my depression diminish into nothing when I watch him. He makes me want to make people smile more and has even made me remember I can still feel emotions even when it seems I have nothing. So, I made this for Jack! I hope he sees it. If he did it would mean the world, since I made this FOR him ;3;

I do not own the septic eye or anything, that belongs to Jack and the artist who designed the logo for him.

This is a mere fan art I made for Jack.

I own nothing, well except the fan art.


I hope you see this someday! I just hope you like it :D Also, I hope everyone has a good day~

P.S. LIKE A BOSS!!!!!!!!!!


We made the decision today to disable YouTube comments. For a long time now they just haven’t offered us anything of value. Tbh, they seem to bother us more than help us. As you’ve seen in the past we’ve made multiple videos venting about the comments. They are the number one contributor to our lack of content.

This doesn’t just apply to the negative comments. From your perspective telling us what you’d like to see in our videos, that should seem harmless and constructive, and it can be. When we were a smaller channel that feedback was critical to our future. But now that it’s literally hundreds of thousands of people telling you what they want to see, it gets overwhelming. When you’re given hundreds of paths to take, its hard to pick one and feel confident in it.

We take feedback into consideration so much that we’ve ended up censoring videos, and doing videos that we thought might please the subscribers. Sometimes not even considering writing videos the way we intended because of the feedback. This could be seen as selling out, or whatever. But the reason we made this channel was to please ourselves, and make other people happy. I think we’ve forgotten that we need to please ourselves in order to make others happy. Its a circle.

Lets face it, at the end of the day people can tell the difference between the videos we made to please the people who gave us input, and the videos we made to please ourselves. The numbers show, our most viewed videos (by millions) were written solely to please ourselves, and had no outside influence. We still plan to ask for feedback in the future by doing polls and surveys. In the past that kind of feedback was extremely useful, and very easy to analyze.   Now, criticism is still welcome, and your opinions still do matter. We have read plenty of great emails and messages over the years. We still want to interact with you guys, you’re still free to contact us on our various social media sites, and emails. Not to mention we are doing podcasts to give you guys a more personal answer to your questions.

Links below to means to contact us and interact with us: -email -tweet -message/ask -watch podcast

Thank you all so much for the support over the years. We will be better soon and give you all the content you deserve, with the passion we all should expect! uvu


Welp, these are the first three gifs I’ve ever made and they are of my favorite YouTuber:

{ creepsmcpasta }

They’re not the clearest gifs in the world but they are the first ones I’ve made AND I don’t have any photoshop thing on my computer… So… You can forgive me on that.

And the last gif, I tried something different and it didn’t work so I had to keep it like that. I like how it looks anyway.

Also I cropped the other two, both in 100x100 and 200x200

From seeing Troye’s snapchat today you can defiantly tell he is still the same excited, dorky teenager we all first fell in love with.

Even though he is becoming extremely successful and working on more cool stuff (starting up modelling, working on an album) He is still the same boy. Yes he is growing up but to me, he’ll not just give up on us and stop caring, he really does care about us.
He was one of us once. And he always will be.
I couldn’t be prouder.

I hate it when people say that all of Zoe’s subscribers are really young girls who are deluded and don’t understand that Zoe is a ‘business woman’ getting ghost writers to get her books published and making videos for more and more money. Young girls aren’t deluded and it’s not just them who look up to Zoe as a rolemodel. I’m 18 and I think the world of Zoe and am so proud of her achievements/success.

Zoe is my rolemodel. We both come from Wiltshire and have very similar personalities. I, myself suffer from Generalised Anxiety Disorder and depression. When I realised that Zoe also had anxiety, it gave me hope. I felt so alone, thinking I was weird and odd and that I was better off disappearing. Zoe uploaded a video explaining her anxiety and panic attacks and suddenly, I felt so much more comforted. She inspired me to reach out and talk to people, she is the reason why I didn’t disappear and chose to work through my problems instead through therapy and medication.

Zoe and her videos have been there for me through everything. Whether I’m having a bad day or even a good day, she never fails to makes me smile or laugh (and they are actually genuine). I wasn’t going to go to university to do a subject I am really passionate about, but Zoe said to just say yes. So I did just that, and now I’m studying psychology and getting first class grades despite my mental health problems! I even volunteered at my local
Mind charity to help others because I was so proud of Zoe for becoming their digital ambassador and

She truly is inspiring.

It’s something about her aura, her personality and how down to earth she really is on/off camera. My best friend and other friends have been really horrible to me lately and I now no longer have any friends apart from the ones I’ve made online. But I know that Zoe’s videos will always be there. When I’m crying my eyes out and feel like giving up, she is there. I would love to meet her personally and tell her all of this, but I am far too anxious to do so. I would probably break down because of how much she has helped me. She is my little gem, my sunshine, my everything.

Zoe is not a bad person, in fact she is a really wonderful person. It doesn’t matter if you are a 'young viewer’ or an 'old viewer’ - people watch her because of how lovely a person she is. She is like a big sister to me and I and many others love her so very much. So think before you try and tear her down. That’s my everything you are hurting.


NEW VIDEO: The Kylie Jenner lip challenge: NOT WORTH IT. This week I tried for you the Kylie Jenner lip challenge while staying healthy. Enjoy ! 

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My friend, Dickie Hearts, made this nifty little five minute film and my Los Angeles buddies Josh Castille, Miles Barbee, and Amanda McDonough are in it too!

If you could share this on social media, that’d be great, since it’s for a contest. For the contest, you have to use these two hashtags for it: #disabilityfilmchallenge and #thepowertodomore


New vid on my YouTube Channel.