Epik High - Shoebox


01. Raise the Curtains
02. Easy Ending - feat. Jo Won Sun of Roller Coaster
03. Rich - feat. Taeyang
04. Spoiler
05. Burj Khalifa - feat. Dynamic Duo, Yankie, Topbob, DJ Friz
06. Fighting Again - feat. Younha
07. Amor Fati - feat. JW from Nell
08. Born Hater - feat. Beenzino, Verbal Jint, Song Minho, B.I., Bobby
09. Lesson 5 (Timeline)
10. Life is Good - feat. Jay Park
11. Eyes Nose Lips (Uncensored Ver.)
12. Shoebox - feat. MYK from SALTNPAPER

150703 Younha and Rap Monster’s Conversation

150703 Younha tweet

드디어 랩몬을 만나는가?

Finally going to meet Rapmon?

150703 Younha tweet

우악 고마워 고마워 고마웡ㅇ엉어어엉

Whoak thank you thank you thank you-ong oongooong

Message translation:
To. Younha Sunbae-nim
The best singer songwriter in Korea.. I love you. I seem to have listened to sunbae-nim’s songs more compared to Nas or Eminem. Had listened to 22nd Street for the first time when I was 17 years old and I’m overwhelmed with emotions to be able to greet you like this at the age of 22. I’m anticipating your 5th album.. I also like Supersonic euhahaha. Thank you!! - RM(fan)

150703 Rap Monster tweet

드디어 뵈었습니다 여러분… ⭐️

Finally met (her) everyone … ⭐️

150703 Younha tweet 

랩몬스터는 문제적 남자에서 보고 엄청 엄청 똑똑하다고 생각했는데 실물도 엄청 엄청 똑소리나고 슈가 진 제이홉 지민 뷔 정국 친구들도 엄청 엄청 잘생겼고 쩔어 무대도 엄청 쩔고 한데 날 이렇게 좋아해주다니 엄청 엄청 고마웡 @BTS_twt

I thought that Rap Monster is really really smart when watching Problematic Men. He’s actually really really smart in real life too. These friends Suga Jin J-Hope Jimin V Jungkook are really really good looking. Dope stage was really dope thank you for liking me so much  @BTS_twt

150703 Younha tweet

@BTS_twt 오늘 참 고마워 ! 기회 되면 맛있는 한끼 사줄게요~~

Thank you for today ! Will buy (you guys) something delicious if there’s a chance~~

150703 Rap Monster reply to Younha

@younhaholic 우오ㅏ아아아 감사합니다 행복합니다

@younhaholic whoaaaa Thank you am so happy

Trans cr; yumi @ bts-trans


(150125) @realjonghyun90: i came home early for the first time time in a while to find my mom and noona having a cold war…, i stealthily asked what was going on and (turns out) noona was watching inkigayo and said ‘mom, aren’t shinhwa so cool / handsome?’ but mom’s response was lukewarm so noona started sulking and went to her room and locked the doorㅋㅋㅋ (s/n: younha replied to this first tweet simply… laughing at what was being said.)

watching mother and daughter quarreling through the door was so cute, so i said i talked about noona to shinhwa hyungs while giving them my cd today and she got all excited and opened the door but it seemed her feelings were hurt from fighting with mom because her eyes were glistening with tears since she was pretty i hugged her tight, gave her a kiss, and spread out the story of how i delivered my cd.

i went to give my cd and saw minwoo hyung and hyesung hyung first in the hallway. then minwoo hyung asked, ‘yah was your noona a hyesungie fan?’… when i replied, “our noona is…. ‘ah…a jinnie hyung fan…!’” they replied, “ah…, really?” and then both of them disappeared…

@realjonghyun90: i’m sorry pilgyo hyung…. my noona is an all-fan… i got flustered in the moment and said the wrong thing… and she even signed up for shinhwa changjo 10th official fanclub… i love you shinhwa!! and shinhwa changjo!! (s/n: pil gyo is the real name of shinhwa’s hye sung. “shinhwa changjo” is the name of shinhwa’s official fanclub. shinwa has been recruiting new members for their tenth fanclub this month for the first time since 2008.)

when i asked my mom, mom who do you like? she said,
mom? mom likes c'est si bon.” ah……nod nod…..yeah…that’s right…. it was mom (we’re talking about)…. she was born in ‘67. (s/n: “c'est si bon” was a music hall in seoul that was popular in the sixties and seventies that featured folk musicians such as cho young nam, song chang sik, yoon hyung joo and kim se hwan.)

@realjonghyun90: our noona was crying out, “i mean how good is wa!! how cool is it!! do you even know how hard it is to come out as solo and bring your own dreams and stage to life!! our jinnie oppa is the best ok!!” like this. (s/n: “wa” is a single from shinhwa’s jun jin’s solo.)

@realjonghyun90: sigh…, just thinking about it again. (noona’s so) cute … (source: sullaem)

Thinking About You (널 생각해)
  • Thinking About You (널 생각해)
  • Younha (윤하)
  • Single "Thinking About You (널 생각해)"

Artist: Younha (윤하) (prod. by Chanhyuk of AKMU)
Song: Thinking About You (널 생각해)
Album: Single “Thinking About You (널 생각해)”

This song by Younha has been one of my favorite recent releases. With intricate guitar melodies signature to AKMU, Younha’s clear voice and Chanhyuk’s additional complimentary singing, we have a light and calming song so fitting for the autumn season. It is a beautiful song, reminiscent to AKMU’s own Time and Falling Leaves. “Thinking About You” takes us to back to memories and pastimes as the year comes to a close - nostalgia through music at its best.
(Guest post by hanajojo.)

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