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A shopping date with Youngmin (Boyfriend) scenario

Waking up to the sound of something cooking on the stove you grin widely since you knew that it was Youngmin making food for you. You stay in bed for awhile just listening to the sound of oil popping and sizzling. Eventually though you do get up and make your way out to the kitchen. You’re met with the sight of Youngmin’s bright face and a plateful of eggs and bacon.

“Eat up babe. We are going shopping today.”

Your eyes widen and you eagerly start to shovel the food into your mouth. Youngmin chuckles softly at your enthusiasm but he knows that you love to shop so this was a great present to you.

Within minutes you’re done with your food. Youngmin takes your plate saying, “Go change. I’ll wash the plates.”

You nod at Youngmin but before you skip away you peck his cheek wishing him a good morning and offering a thank you for the food. He just smiles though and shoos you away while he puts the dishes in the washer.

You skip back into the bedroom, and rifle through the closet looking for the perfect outfit to wear on your date. Looking out the window you notice that the weather was perfect, a little sunny but not too much to be hot. You finally decide on a nice spring floral dress. You slip it on before turning and looking at yourself in the mirror.

From behind you, Youngmin comes up and wraps his arm around your waist, resting his chin on your shoulder. He kisses the skin there saying softly, “You look pretty. I like the dress. I’m just gonna get dressed and then we can leave.”

Nodding you head out of the room, leaving Youngmin to business. You walk into the living room and plop down onto the couch, counting down the minutes until you and Youngmin would be able to leave and go do your favorite thing in the world.


A few minutes later Youngmin walks out of the bedroom looking as sharp as ever. He smiles at you and offers his hand out.

“Ready to go?”

You slip yours into it, gripping tightly. Hand in hand you and Youngmin walk out of the apartment, smiles on both your faces.

You and Youngmin walk down the busy streets of Seoul looking at everything that passes by. You had strolled into a few stores but hadn’t bought anything yet since nothing was catching your eye.

You finally spot a cell phone accessory store and your face lights up. Turning to Youngmin, you tug on his arm begging slightly.

“Youngmin let’s go in there.” You point towards the store and Youngmin rolls his eyes before reluctantly letting you drag him over to the entrance. You happily bounce into the store cooing over everything that you see.

Youngmin just stands there, not knowing what exactly he was supposed to do. You finally notice that Youngmin was just being awkward and you drag him with you to look at all the cellphone things you could buy.

The couple handphone charms gets your attention and your eyes widen as you come up with the perfect idea. Turning to Youngmin excitedly you say,

“Can we get couple charms?”

Youngmin’s eyes also widen but not in joy. However when he looks down at your smiling face, he knows that he will not be able to say no. Sighing, Youngmin just nods his head belatedly. He does smile though when you let out a happy little squeal.

You drag him over to the display and Youngmin waits patiently as you look at each single thing. Eventually though you pick out the one you think will go best with you and Youngmin. Turning to Youngmin excitedly, you proudly show him the charms you had picked out.

“You can be Mario and I’ll be Peach ok?”

“Fine by me, babe.”

Youngmin takes the charms from you and brings them up to the register, paying for both of them. He walks back over to you once he’s done and hands you yours. Smiling you pull your phone out of your pocket and attach the charm to it while Youngmin does same. Once you’re both done Youngmin once again takes your hand into his and as the two of you walk out of the store, your phones are in your back pockets the charms dangling side by side.

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[2014.04.11] Jo Twins Moment @ BOYFRIEND in Okinawa #1

Jo Twins did their Push-up Battle !

While Youngmin was doing his push-up and counting along, Kwangmin teased his hyung by counting random numbers out loud so that Youngmin would lose his concentration.
When it was Kwangmin’s turn to did push-up, Youngmin just watched his younger brother calmly and other members teased Kwangmin instead.

The winner was Youngmin !
Youngmin did more than 30 times.
Kwangmin did just almost 20 times.

Punishment for the loser was drinking fresh Balsam Pear juice.
Youngmin was the one who poured the juice.
When other members lost, Youngmin always poured the juice into the glass until it was full.
But when Kwangmin lost, he poured much less amount of juice than when he poured for other members.
(Youngmin-ah ! Why are you so biased ? > <)
Kwangmin complained a little but then he drank it all at once.


Credit : クァンミンのジュリエット

Trans by @lovelynutz_BF

[D-3] Is Kwangmin more good-looking than Youngmin ?

My special post on the occasion of the upcoming Jo Twins 20th Birthday #3

[D-3] Is Kwangmin more good-looking than Youngmin ?

Donghyun : No.
Hyunseong : Yes.
Jeongmin : Yes.
Youngmin : No.
Kwangmin : Yes.
Minwoo : Yes.

What does Kwangmin think of his own looks ?
Kwangmin : Actually, I think we look almost the same. But I think I’m a little more good-looking.

Which part do you think you look better compared to Youngmin ?
Kwangmin : I think I look better than him in everything on average.

Does Youngmin agree ?
Youngmin : No, of course.
Kwangmin : Everyone says I’m a bit more good-looking.

- - - - -

If the twins have girlfriends one day, will they be unable to tell the difference between Youngmin and Kwangmin ?
Kwangmin : It might happen.

- - - - -

Has any of the members failed to tell the difference between the twins before ?
Jeongmin : Sometimes I do that when I’ve just woken up in the morning.

- - - - -

Is Donghyun the member who tells the lamest jokes ?
All members : No.

Then, who is it ?
Members : Youngminnie!
Youngmin : No! It’s Hyunseong hyung!

Oh, so it’s Hyunseong ?
Members : Both of them, they’re almost at the same level.

Source - 120403 就是愛JK BOYFRIEND訪問 - Interview

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Boyfriend - Don’t Touch My Girl (Greasy Version)