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rough sex with yoongi/jimin?

Everyone always requests rough sex with Yoongi haha. I guess he seems like the dominant type?

*Note: I’m gonna start changing the tense that the words are in since saying things like “you’d” and “he’d” came off as a bit irritating to some people. If you guys would like anymore more changes, let me know!

**Note: This smut request might be a bit more explicit than others I’ve written since I started reading a mainly smut-based fanfiction based on Taemin from SHINee. >.< Sorry if it bothers anyone!

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OMG I want one of Suga getting intimate in The cinema!!!!! THANK YOU

Hehe, I’m so nervous to write this!

“Ya, next time, I’m picking the movie.” Yoongi would groan as you two would stand in the concession line while waiting to get your popcorn and drinks.

“It’s going to be a good movie.”

“I hate chick flicks! And this movie came out months ago. Why are we just now seeing it?”

“Because,” you’d say, starting to hate his whining. “I wanted to. Now, quit whining and watch this movie with me.”

When you two would get your snacks, the ticket holder would lead you to the theater farthest to the back.

“There’s no one in here,” Yoongi would groan as you two would enter the empty, dark theater. You’d smile.

“Good, it’ll be just like we have our own little world for a moment. Now, where do you want to sit?”

“We can sit anywhere! No one else is here.” He’d say, making you groan and go to the middle seat in the row farthest to the top.

The movie would start almost immediately, speeding through the previews and opening credits.

Yoongi would groan a few times at the cheesy moments, like a scene where the two protagonists in the movie went on a date, or a scene where the main girl talked about wanting to get married and have a family one day.

“Shh,” you’d hiss at Yoongi every time he’d make a noise. “Why are you being so annoying?”

“Why are you being so intolerant?” He’d say with a smile, making you sigh. “I’m sorry, I’ll stop.” He’d say to you while sitting his hand on your lap.

As the movie would reach it’s middle point, the two protagonists in the film would be confessing their love to one another. Yoongi would look over to you for a moment. You’d be able to feel his eyes on you, but you wouldn’t say a word.

After another moment of silence, the two characters in the movie would start to kiss passionately, making Yoongi squeeze your leg. You’d look over to him, but he’d keep his eyes on the big screen.

When you’d look hesitantly back at the screen, he’d rub your leg lightly, making you sigh.

“Yoongi-” you’d say. He’d lean over to kiss you, stopping your words immediately.

You’d feel his previously wandering hand make its way up your skirt.

“We can’t,” you’d whisper to him as his lips would leave your lips and kiss your neck.

He wouldn’t say anything. He’d simply slide two fingers inside of you quickly, making you moan softly.

As his fingers would start to grind in and out of you slowly, you’d unbuckle his jeans and slide your hand underneath the rimming of his boxers.

He’d let out a short moan as you’d grip his firmly in your hands. As a response, he’d push his fingers further in you, making you cry out louder than anticipated.

You’d moan softly against each other as you’d both do your parts to please one another, racing to see who could make the other reach their climax first. You’d look over to the screen of the theater quickly and see the two main characters of the movie sharing a love scene, making you laugh to yourself.

“Why are you laughing? Am I tickling you?” Yoongi would ask, smiling at you. You’d shake your head.

“Ani. But keep going.” You’d groan softly as Yoongi would press his lips to yours and continue to pump his fingers in and out of you and you gripped him tighter and started to rock your hand back and forth.

“Yoongi, you’re so perfect,” you’d whisper into his ear as you’d feel yourself preparing to climax.

He’d take your vulnerability to his advantage and slide another finger in, taking full control of you, and winning the race as you’d reach your climax. You’d moan out, feeling your release come quickly.

“Was that the movie?” You’d head a voice ask, making you gasp and cover your mouth. You’d pull your hand out of Yoongi’s pants and sit up straight as a group of five walked into the theater.

“That sounded real, haha. This theater’s sound system is great.” One of the girls would say as she and her friends would claim seats at the bottom of the theater, making you sigh. Yoongi would smile, kiss your cheek, and continue to watch the movie with you as if nothing ever happened.

Haha, that was hilarious. I hope you liked it! Thanks for submitting! ~