Dear fellow Cassiopeia,

It hurts my heart to hear the recent news surrounding Yoochun. While I am hoping that the accusations turns out to be false, I hope that we are all matured enough to handle this situation seriously without any bias. I believe that most of us are in mutual understanding that we hope this is false. However, even if that’s the case I would like it if Cassiopeias refrain from insulting and making rude comments towards the girl. Sexual assault is not to be taken lightly and I refuse to give Yoochun light treatment if this turns out to be true. Don’t victim blame. We don’t know the truth. We are solely mere witnesses of these news reports. 

As long as you’re willing to give Yoochun the benefit of the doubt, I hope you are mature enough to also refrain from stating that the girl is simply doing this to blackmail and tarnish Yoochun’s name. 

I refuse to take either side and will remain neutral until this is solved.