엄마 잠깐만요
엄마 잠깐만요

정세운(Jung Sewoon) - 엄마 잠깐만요 (Mom, Wait A Minute)

These days the trend is rapping while playing the guitar, oh is that right
It must be because of ‘Akdong Musician’
Then should I give rap a try? 
Though I don’t know the ‘r’ in rap
I’ll still give it a try, I’m going to try. I think it will be fun

I feel I should start rapping right about now
What do I do? I have no clue what to say
It took me 3 days to write the lyrics up to here
I have so much respect for rappers
Oh yeah! I know what I want to say
When I come back from school it’s 10pm
on top of that the man who lives below has a prickly personality
so I can’t play the guitar at home
Mom, wait a minute. I have something to say.

Mom, in order for me to continue singing at night
Let’s pray together so we can move out quickly
Mom, in order for me to continue singing at night
I’m fine even if it’s 5ft, just as long as I can sing I’m happy with that.

credit: thesoulmusiq @ TUMBLR (TRANS)

What if its not Daragon, Skydragon or Kiko?

Gdragon might be shipping his ships depending on his mood. It depends what ship he wants to be happy for a fucking day. And then one day he decides to make ships fight by putting a line about  butterfly for the daragon shippers but asks cl to perform with him for the R.O.D performance. And he doesnt stop there. During the AOMG launch, he fucking held dara’s head and then later on leaned to get cl’s kiss. Wtf man. You’re a genius.

Gdragon is a goddamn manipulator and therefore I now ship him with himself so he can go pull stunts on himself.

We need some kind of clue!!!

YG people with relationships revealed one by one. First, Teddy and the actress and then an in-house producer Choi Pil Kang and BEG member Jea.

There is one thing I realized through reading these articles. I would die not knowing who Bigbang and 2NE1 members are dating. I would grow old not knowing if Ririn, Daragon, Topbom, Skydragon, etc are real!!!!


Why always Dara?

Why is it always Dara that’s mentioned when GD goes to variety shows? Recently at Infinity Challenge, Hyung Don who’s very close to GD remembered Dara when they are buying clothes. (I say hyung don’s pretty close to GD and other YG artist because at one Superman Return’s episode, he was at the YG building greeting Tablo and Haru and I don’t think YG lets just anyone enter their building)

Even before, when there are other GD interviews by celebrities, they always say they want to meet Dara, for example, Myungsoo. 


Runaway ( B.I - Team B )


Hanbin always made it hard for you not to hate him. The truth was that you actually liked him a lot. You were that kind of friend that watched him change his girlfriends more often than others changed their underwear. Sometimes you helped him. It was crazy. You liked him, he was so nice to me, paying for lunch or coffee, smiling brightly like only an innocent boy would.

But as soon as other girls were involved, he turned into something that scared you shitless sometimes. He’d be charming, flattering them skillfully, wrapping them around his pinky with one wink, a lazy grin or a meaningless word.

You were happy he didn’t treat you like this, throwing you away once he gets bored. On the other hand, you wanted him to notice you so bad.

Still he was a hunter, thank God you weren’t his prey.


You’ve got a week left? Whyyy..“ Hanbin whines. You step over his lying figure on the floor, packing some things you wouldn’t need in this week anymore.

Well, I have to. A whole year has passed, I miss my family, I miss home.“ you mumble, folding a shirt before putting it in your bright blue suitcase. Hanbin huffs.

But we’re gonna keep in touch, right?“ You nod at him and smile sincerely.

And you’re gonna come to the party we’re throwing on Saturday, I won’t take no for an answer.“ Again, you nod and laugh. He grins lazily, sprawling out on the floor in comfort.


„Yah, look at her.“ Hanbin nudged your side.

Your eyes followed to where he pointed. It was a petite girl sitting on the couch, talking to Donghyuk’s cousin. She was gorgeous, of course Hanbin would have noticed her sooner or later.

„You’ve got to help me.“ he told you.

Help me get her.“ You weren’t his prey. Now, you were his partner in crime.

You shrugged, rolling a nearly empty bottle in your hands.

„Why not? Come on, let’s do this!“ You pulled him with you, tapping the girl’s shoulder with a forced smile and drawing her attention to you.

„Uh, hey. Do you know Hanbin?“ You pushed him a little closer, making him sit down beside that girl. She blushed slightly and he grinned.

You did your job, now you wanted to get away as soon as possible.

„____-ah!“ Jinhwan greeted you happily. „How are you, you don’t look like you’re feeling well.“ he mentioned, concern showing both in his eyes and voice.

„Ah, it’s nothing! I’m going to fly home tomorrow, it’s probably that.“ The boy nodded slowly. You felt his hand on the small of your back, gently leading you to the nearly empty kitchen. Most of the guests the boys had invited were in the spacy living room. Bobby closed the fridge and grinned, holding a nice can of coke in his hand. He quickly bid goodbye and disappeared in the crowd.

„Now tell me, what is it?“ Jinhwan asked you again, sitting down at the table, motioning you to take a seat beside him. You did as you were told, and he took a hold of your hand, squeezing it softly.

Slowly, it got quiet in the house, people left, soon only empty bottles and cans reminded of the big party that had been held this evening. You were still talking to Jinhwan, whispering all those things that made your heart ache. Your head leaned against his shoulder, your hair tickled his neck while he listened.

Somebody cleared their throat and you turned around, only to meet Hanbin’s eyes.

„Can I talk to you for a second?“ You nodded and thanked Jinhwan for listening to you and followed the younger boy outside.

„Where is she?, Hanbin? Tell me everything.“ You forced an awkward smile which he returned.

„She left, I don’t know.“ He sighed heavily, ruffling his hair and putting his cap back on.

Listen, I don’t want you to go.“

You stared up at him. „I already told you I can’t stay.“

„Not even for Jinhwan?“ he mumbled nearly inaudibly.

„Now where does this come from?!“ you asked him, surprised to no end.

He huffed, leaning against the cold wall. He could feel its structure through the thin material of the jacket he was wearing tonight. „Well, I didn’t see you the while evening after I watched you following him to the kitchen. Aren’t you guys together or something?“ Hanbin asked, his voice slightly getting higher, annoyance showing.

„Even if that was the case, why would you care? You had your toy, she just ran away because-“

„I’m just jealous, okay?“ he snapped. „I told her to fuck off, because I was jealous.“

„Oh, you are jealous? You’re the one that runs off with another girl every week, leaving me heartbroken every fucking time. You don’t know how to appreciate somebody who likes you way too much! You don’t deserve my love, you don’t even deserve our friendship.“

Hanbin stopped in his tracks, his gaze lingering on you. „I never said anything because I didn’t want to be treated like crap.“ you hissed, getting ready to go back in to get your things, when his hand wrapped around your wrist.

„Hear me out. I knew you would have to go some day, that’s why you are my friend.“ You shook of his hand, glaring at him. „It wouldn’t hurt so much not being able to see you. If we were together, you know, I think I would totally lose it. I would miss you too much..“

The glare remained on your face, yet your voice sounded softer than you had intended to.

„So this is the reason why you use all these girls and why you tear my heart into pieces. Sure. You can replace friends easily, I see.“

Hanbin sighed and wrapped his arms around your neck. „I didn’t know you liked me this way, really. I’m sorry..“ he whispered, his hot breath fanning over your cheek.

„Then why do you tell me now?“ He shrugged. „Probably because you’re worth it? I’d gladly go insane for you.“ he stated, making you giggle slightly. You didn’t even bother to hide it. Your hands found their way on his back, stroking it gently.

„Would you miss me as much as I would miss you?“ he suddenly asked.

„Well, yes. I told you I would miss home, didn’t I?“


Rep Where You’re From… Respect The West (Trailer)