Slow motion

Characters/relationships: Charles Xavier x Mutant!Reader x Erik Lehnsherr

Genres: Anger, jealousy, smut: threesome, oral, bits fo dirty talking

Summary: Charles and Erik both fall for reader but she can’t choose because she has feelings for both of them. Erik and Charles comes to a solution. - Requested by buckbharnes

Disclaimer: All characters are at least 21 y/o unless stated otherwise.

Word count: 4163

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Betsy Braddock Playlist

1. you don’t own me // grace ft. g-eazy
2. bulletproof // young guns
3. the four horsemen // metallica
4. she’s out of her mind // blink-182
5. daddy issues // the neighbourhood
6. don’t hurt me // dj mustard ft. nicki minaj, jeremih
7. flawless remix // beyonce ft nicki minaj
8. needed me // rihanna
9. touch it // ariana grande
10. bang bang // jessie j ft. ariana grande, nicki minaj
11. team // iggy azalea
12. salute // little mix

(i had so much fun making another playlist! hope you guys liked it!)

anonymous asked:

Hey 😄, I was just wondering what order you watched all of the X-Men films in? I don't know about you but I didn't watch them in order at all lmao 😂😂! P.S I freaking love this blog with all my heart! X

I personally recommend watching them in order of release (that’s what I did, partially because I’ve loved them since the original series, so I basically watched them as they were released)! If you try to watch in story order, (a) it’s hard because some jump around in time and (b) you might notice some glaring continuity errors a little more easily…hehe

P.S. I freaking love YOU with all my heart!