• me:[in class]
  • someone:haha hey teache–
  • me:don't you do it
  • me:don't you fuckign
  • someone:what color did y–
  • me:stop
  • someone:what color did you think the dress was ?,,
  • a battle cry is heard in the distance, followed by a scream. The class roars and erupts into a cacophony of yelling of different colors. The students separate into two sides, one of which is screaming "white and gold" and the other "black and blue". The black and blue side is screeching, holding up a receipt for the actual dress. The white and gold side is sobbing hysterically while yelling and clawing at their eyes. Gunshots are heard, and there is bloodshed.
  • This is it.
  • This is the end

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