Screen falling off the door LIVE MY LIFE WITHOUT hinges my feet are still sore COMING UP FOR AIR we tore up the walls NOW ITS ALL A WASH slept on couches we lifted this house I WANT EVERYONE firecrackers in the east RACING DOWN THE HILL parked south your hands on my cheeks I AM FASTER THAN YOU I was up against the wall WAIT FOR SUMMER TIME west mezzanine we rattle this WAIT FOR SUMMER TIME OH AAAAAAANNNNAA SUUUUUUUUN *falls over and dies*

Talking Is Hard
  • Different Colours:oooooOOOOOooooooOOOOoooooOOOo + sick dance beats
  • Sidekick:80's vibes tbh
  • Shut Up And Dance:summer jam tbh
  • Up 2 U:90's hip hop vibes...and then the beat drops
  • Avalanche:super happy and feels like being in love
  • Portugal:techno vibes + hopeful nd happy nd aww
  • Down In The Dumps:retro. so fuckign retro. holy shit.
  • Work This Body:clapping woo! + cute piano aw. Really summery
  • Spend Your $$$:retro techno vibes + did he just say fake breasts or did I mishear + hIGH NOTE
  • We Are The Kids:they talkin about the future but they sound like the 80's so what is the truth
  • Come Under The Covers:absolutely fuckign perfect + sex vibes
  • Aquaman:r u sure this isnt the soundtrack to some cutesy 80's romance???