A New Partner - Roman Reigns (Part 1 of 2)

For @lclb13

Smut-ish One-Shot

Warnings: Attitude, Vulgar Language

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Vince seemed as if he were holding some kind of secret from (Y/N) as he began explaining to her why he called her to his office - quite literally during her match. The match never got finished. (Y/N) sat there in confusion as her leg slightly bounced from the anxiety. Horrible thoughts came to mind; that she may be getting fired, replaced, kept on the sidelines, someone died. Just all the bad things came in though as Vince did a horrible job by getting out the truth.

“Would ya just tell me already. I’m going to die if you don’t tell me what’s up. I know this is no way to talk to a Superior but you’re making it fucking difficult.”

Vince sighed as he laid both hands flat on his desk, “I am setting you up with a male wrestle for a bit.. just so we have some kind of feud going on, a story-line. You’ve requested a story-line so now I’ve got one.”

(Y/N) lightly cracked a grin, “Well why didn’t you say so? Oh thank you! I’ve been waiting to get more into my character..” Before she could even finish, a knock was at the door and it opened without a reply. In walked Roman Reigns, the only guy (Y/N) could just not stand out of them all. Why? Because he thought he was the shit and untouchable - which was a flat out lie.

“Sorry.. you wanted to see me, Mr. McMahon?” Roman’s soft yet deep voice rumbled the dead-silent room as he stepped further inside.

“Tough luck, Pet. He was talking to me first.” (Y/N) spat at him as she looked back at Vince, whom looked really amused at the chemistry the two wrestlers had. It surprised him greatly.

“I was talking to you.. but that’s just it. (Y/N).. meet your new partner. He told me a snippet of how you two interact and I thought maybe it’d be interesting to set you two together. You’ll wrestle as a Tag-Team, car pool together, even share a Hotel Room. Now.. I know you may feel uncomfortable, so just tell me and I’ll always separate that out. But as of now, you two will be hooked together by the hips and there will be no complaining. Understood?” Vince folded his arms over his chest while his eyes pierced through the both of them sitting there.

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Josh “The Warmaster” Barnett (

Letter deadline is fast approaching!

You guys have been simply FANTASTIC in sending me letters to give to Roman Reigns THIS Saturday before the house show here in Portland, ME! So far, I have received 8 letters (that was honestly more than I thought I would receive) but I would LOVE to be able to give Roman more!

As I mentioned above, the house show is THIS Saturday, so I need to have any and all letters by Friday afternoon! I don’t care what you write in your letters AS LONG AS IT’S POSITIVE! 

The whole purpose of me collecting as many letters I possibly can to give to him is to show Roman that we (his true fans) support him amongst all the haters that seem to have nothing better than to try and bring him down. That we’ll stand behind him no matter what. That we’re proud members of the Roman Empire and we ALWAYS will be!

If you would love to send me a letter, please private message me for my email address!

I will also share a video of me presenting Roman with the letters so all of you can see that moment when it happens!

Again, thank you so much to everyone who have already sent me letters! Y’all are true rockstars.

To everyone else, what are you waiting for? Send your letters and let’s show this man why we love him!