Teddy Bear - Roman Reigns

For @ambroseasylumbitch

Smut/Fluff One-Shot

Warnings: Vulgar Language, Possible Kinks

Originally posted by stellarollins

Skin on skin. Lips to lips. Chest to chest.

Roman had finally came home from traveling with his job and his wife had wasted no time in getting his clothes off and in that bed - that has been cold ever since he left.

(Y/N) was straddled on top of him as her lips attached to his skin, almost everywhere on his body. Soft grunts leaving his mouth as she pecked on his sensitive areas, knowing exactly what she was doing.

“You shouldn’t be.. doing all this. You might get yourself into something you can’t finish, Babe.”

“Hush. I haven’t fucked you in three weeks and two days. I deserve to be dominate for once.”

Roman let (Y/N) do what she had to, knowing she did deserve this. She waited long enough for him and he been teasing her over video chat. He had no argument to make.

(Y/N)’s hands roamed her husband’s body as she stripped him of whatever clothing she had not gotten off him when he first came into the house. She felt herself become more needy than usual - wanting his whole being. It was like an animal-hunger she craved for Roman. 

“Just.. give me your cock.” Her fingers fumbled with his boxers as she tried pulling his length out to get it.

Roman let out a soft moan and a soft chuckle behind it, “Is my Queen eager? Maybe if you didn’t act so fast you’d g-” He was cut off with the warm and wet mouth of (Y/N) attached to his tip. His eyes got a shade darker as he fell back on the bed.

Her head bobbing and hand twisting up and down him was heavenly. His eyes rolled into the back of his head - for ever how long this took place.

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