//You in the middle// #Woohyun

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There were only a few first years left to be sorted and Woohyun glanced around at the students still waiting. He caught the eyes of a sultry looking student who quickly turned away, and started tapping his foot, looking impatient. He didn’t know why, but Woohyun couldn’t take his eyes off the boy… “Nam Woohyun!” His name was called and he tore his eyes away from the boy and went to the stool. The Sorting Hat didn’t seem to think long and, as Woohyun expected, it shouted “Gryffindor!” and he headed to his table, smiling at the sultry boy on the way.

Y’all ready for Gyu to finally get sorted?? Saved my fav for last ;) the wait will finally be over tomorrow night, 10pm CST.

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(I will upload the full set in high quality jpgs once I’ve revealed everyone, but I saw these as animations so I just had to make gifs first! Or you can find the jpgs on my twitter)