True blue mates! Orphaned kangaroo and wombat are inseparable friends (they even share the same pouch) 

Anzac the joey and Peggy the wombat sleep together at the Wildlife Kilmore Rescue Centre in Victoria, Australia

Centre said the unlikely friends are comforted by each other’s movement and heartbeat

by  Wildlife Kilmore Rescue Centre


Today the Geyser of Awesome salutes Patrick, the world’s oldest and largest known living Common Wombat (Vombatus ursinus). He’s 29 years old and weighs 84 pounds and he’s awesome. To give you a greater sense of his awesomeness, the average common wombat tops out at 57 pounds and has a lifespan of 15 years in the wild and 20 years in captivity.

Patrick lives at the Ballarat Wildlife Park in Victoria, Australia where has was hand-raised by the park’s owners after being discovered as an orphan when he was still a joey.

According to Tourism Australia, “the team at the park tried releasing Patrick back into the wild a couple of times but he couldn’t defend himself against other wombats.”

Patrick the wombat has become a local celebrity in Victoira. He’s even the city ambassador. For more photos and to learn more about Patrick visit his very own Facebook page as well as the official website for Ballarat Wildlife Park.

We sure wish we could give him a great big hug.

Photos by Ballarat Wildlife Park

[via Twisted Sifter]

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