Diana 20th Anniversary Photo Challenge

[22/31] - Favorite Photo(s) of Diana with another member of a Royal Family from another Country.

Princess Grace and Princess Diana met on three occasions…
the first being in March of 1981
at Goldsmiths" Hall in London , the night Diana made her first public appearance , with the Prince, after the engagement.There was a reception following at Buckingham Palace.
They met again in the Royal Box at Wimbledon on July 4th of that year.
Third meeting was at the Royal Wedding end of that same month.

Even though they did not spend a lot of time together they did form an instant friendship probably because both women were such kind, loving, generous and spiritual people who wanted to help others and especially help children.
Also Princess Grace was very understanding with the young Lady Diana Spencer the first night they met.
When Princess Grace died tragically in September of 1982 Princess Diana requested that she be sent to Monaco to represent Her Majesty at the funeral.
At the reception afterwards, she speaks to Princess Caroline of Monaco about her mother. ‘We were psychically connected,’ she tells her.

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Last b/w photo of Princess Grace was taken at the Royal wedding. The large group photo of the wedding included the foreign royalty who attended.
The last two photos of Princess Diana were taken at the funeral of Princess Grace.I do not own any of the photographs in this post.

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is it just me that feels so like shocked to see dan and phil standing around and talking to each other i don't know why it's so unsettling

no omg its not just you i just stared at that clip of them from the live stream (thank you to missemma on idb for the gif) talking to each other for like 10 whole minutes, being like,,,, what the fuck,,,, they tALK to each other? ?? ???? off of camera???? with no one around??? they dont just sit or stand in silence?????? they dont just take selfies or look through their phones individually? they actually have,,, conversations??? what the fuck do they talk about?? it’s been eight years how is there anything left to say why does phil look so interested in what dan is saying why is he smiling so much at dan that it’s visible from so far away why are their hips angled towards each other so that theyre closing themselves off from everyone around them how are they just so into each other after so damn long i’m baFFLED
The next Doctor Who has been announced
The BBC has revealed Jodie Whittaker will replace Peter Capaldi on Doctor Who, becoming the 13th actor and first woman to play the iconic Time Lord. Whittaker is best known for playing Beth Latimer in the BBC drama Braodchurch, along with various film roles, such as St Trinian's, Attack the Block, and Venus.



I need to do my best, like, appreciating-tennis-not-derping face the whole time, just in case some cameraman or -woman is zooming in on my face. What kind of face would that be? Appreciating, yet enjoying, like this… Maybe that face. If you see me doing that on the TV, that’s my face. I’ll practice in front of a mirror, but I’m gonna go with that face. […] There we go. That was the Wimbledon face.