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"What You Want" Evanescence Video Shoot.

one word .. AMAZING.

I got online at 4:30 and didnt start to go in until 3 ½ hours later. But on line i met some cool people and stirred up conversation to make time go by. The Evanescence staff was so nice, caring, and considerate - always asking if we needed anything like the bathroom, water, fresh air, space.

Before going into the warehouse where the video was shot Terry and Tim were hanging out at another entrance to the warehouse where i happened to be standing on line. I was just like “oh shit, hi Terry, hi Tim.” lol. they they started talking amongst themselves. I was just in awe that they were living and breathing right next to me lol.

FINALLY we get in and its a little stage with graffiti in the back with pointless posters. We all gathered up to the stage and listened to instructions from the producer. It was SO hot in the warehouse, then having to jump with people all around you and hot lights beaming on you - resulted into everyone looking like they just got out of the shower ! Evanescence came to the stage and we just had to rock out. I cant say too much about it, but Amy looked FLAWLESS, BEAUTIFUL, GORGEOUS, and ADORABLE. While shooting Amy was literally leaning into us, grabbing everyone’s hand, headbanging. What captivated me most were her eyes. With the make up she had on her eyes her eyes looked SO BLUE and DREAMY. The rest of the band were all rocking out doing their thing in all black. And looked pretty handsome if you ask me. lol.

The amazing moments i had last night - when Amy reached out to the audience she grabbed my friends hand and clasped it tight as my four fingers were in between their palms during th part “EVERY HEART IN MY HAND LIKE A PALE REFLECTIONNN !” and then at another time Amy was doing her thing rocking out, and she looked up to me and stared into my eyes as she sang - i started to shake lol, then snapped out of it and started rocking out again. Her hair also touched like .. everybody in the audience she was going crazy with her hair lol. We all also got an 8X10 signed picture of the new picture from the new photoshoot where Amy looks like a BOSS ! ;]

Overall, last night was amazing and well worth it. We all (the fans and Evanescence) were cooperative, talking to each other, making each other laugh, making jokes. We all hung out and worked together to make this work and have an amazing video in the end. I cant wait to see the final result !