“Steven gave me the most amazing note, actually. He said, give me your war face, and the camera’s gonna move across. And as you feel it come up in front of you, I want you to de-age yourself by 20 years. So you’re 29, and then when you see those machine guns, you’re nine years old. I want to see the child in you. And I just thought that was one of the most astonishing acting notes I’d ever been given.” – Tom Hiddleston

anonymous asked:

hello!! so i've liked your blog for a reall long time but i just found out that you were a cis male and that's kinda gross??? but i really want to keep following you so maybe you could try identifying as trans? you don't have to be JUST a transwoman, you could try being a demiboy or demigirl or agender! there's so may genders! try looking up neopronouns and spacegenders! being trans is so much more fun than being horrible and boring and cis!!!!

Can someone please burn my retinas with acid so I never have to read this message ever again