“Steven gave me the most amazing note, actually. He said, give me your war face, and the camera’s gonna move across. And as you feel it come up in front of you, I want you to de-age yourself by 20 years. So you’re 29, and then when you see those machine guns, you’re nine years old. I want to see the child in you. And I just thought that was one of the most astonishing acting notes I’d ever been given.” – Tom Hiddleston

❝ Wild Hearts by hiilikedragons 

1. It describes Astrid’s life right after she finds Hiccup and Toothless in the woods and her keeping it a secret from everyone.

2. Hiccup’s song, basically. But also Astrid’s, as she doesn’t want to fit in the role of the good future wife of the heir to the throne of Berk.

3. Kind of Astrid’s theme song. How she feels about her role in the village and her parents forcing her to marry Snotlout just because of his status.

4. Hiccup finding out more about humans, and him and Astrid slowly getting closer without even realising it.

5. Astrid starts to find a way to escape from reality spending time with Hiccup. She starts to help the dragons in the ring and get along with Stormfly.

6. Hiccup and Astrid’s first flight together, their talk and their first kiss.

7. Astrid’s thoughts and struggles while she waits for Hiccup to come back from his nest after his mother comes looking for him on Berk.

8. Hiccup and Astrid stealing time alone in the dead of night in her room, her dreading someone might find out about them.

9. Astrid overhears her parents’ conversation with Spitelout, finding out they’re basically selling her out to the Jorgensons because they have no more money left. Her fight with her parents and her feeling of betrayal.

10. Hiccup finds out Astrid still hasn’t told Snotlout that she doesn’t want to marry him. Feeling betrayed, he runs away leaving her alone without saying if he’ll come back.

11. Astrid discovers Stoick has given Snotlout the order to kill all the dragons in the ring. She runs to stop him but she’s accidentally hurt by Stormfly as she tries to protect Snotlout from the dragon’s attack. Hiccup arrives and takes her away.

12. Astrid wakes up to find out she’s been taken to Hiccup’s home, the Bewilderbeast’s nest. The two of them spend some time together until one night they finally make love.

13. Valka comes back to the nest and finds out about Hiccup and Astrid. The three of them spend days safe in the nest and Hiccup and Astrid try to enjoy their last days together, knowing as soon as she heals completely, they’ll have to go to Berk and talk to the chief.

14. Valka wakes Astrid telling her Hiccup and Toothless have left her. On Stormfly’s back she flies to Berk. There, she finds Hiccup being repeatedly hitten by his own father who still doesn’t know who the boy is. She tries to stop the chief but she’s held back by Snotlout and her father.