X-men by Irene Y. Lee

Here we have three charts tracking the whereabouts of the X-men. The first two reveal where the X-men were following the Schism, and now we have an updated version following the Avengers vs. X-men event and the introduction of the All New X-men. These are awesome, but also very handy, given the number of X-books that Marvel is publishing. Love it.

Well I’ve been seeing a lot of the Wolverine and the X-Men cartoon series on my dash lately (thanks to a certain someone, you know who you are) and well, I’ve been seeing a couple posts about people just bashing them for not making a season 2.

A lot of people actually don’t know this but a second season was initially confirmed and actually in progress. In, I believe it was SDCC09, concept art of Magik, Jubilee, Colossus, Deadpool, and even Havok were shown. The creative team drafted the first 8 scripts before their financial partners finally pulled the plug which forced them to abandon the project in its entirety. You see the creative team have been told many times that their financing for the project has run out and then they would stop production only to resume it a few days later once everything has been cleared. Once the financing had run out and production had stopped completely, no one was more disappointed about the abandoned project than those who were working on it.

Since Disney took over Marvel, many fans of the show hoped Disney would bring the series back, however, it has been announced that it is more than likely that the show will never be picked up.

Later on, once the doors were officially closed on a Wolverine and the X-Men season 2. the full plot of the show was disclosed! It was revealed that Colossus and Jean Grey would join the official roster. Some of the X-Men’s uniforms, most notably Cyclops and Jean Grey’s, would change as they both were going to wear a modern version of the Jim Lee costumes. It was also announced that Emma Frost was going to make a return (probably towards the end of the series). They said that, much like the New X-men comic series, the way Jean Grey was able to house Professor X’s entire being within herself before returning him back into his own body, she would do the same with Emma, claiming her essence during the run of the show. Also, remember at the end of season 1 when Beast picks up one of Emma’s diamond shards? Well, again just like the New X-Men comic, Hank collected all of Emma’s diamonds and pieced her back together in which Jean Grey would then be able to return Emma back to her original body. Lastly, during the end of the show (unconfirmed whether it were to be season 2 or future seasons) Professor X would eventually regain consciousness in the present!

There is a facebook page (x) run by Lucas Ackerman who created the page in dedication to reviving the series for another season and possibly beyond. Much information about the second season has been disclosed exclusively to this page including interviews with many voice actors and creators of the show, along with unseen conceptual art and even the 8 completed scripts for the second season!

It’s a real shame this show will never again see the day of light as most, including myself, consider it to be the best X-Men series, but thanks to the facebook page hell bent on saving this wonderful series, although their efforts will go in vain, many of our unnerving questions have been answered!

Happiest news I’ve heard!! PLEASE let it be true!!

- Two more, unannounced Marvel animated TV series are in different stage of production.

- One of these series is a new X-men animated show.

- Not much is known about the X-men show except that it might have the same tone as Avengers Assemble.