Lat式ミクを2D化してみた その17 & Lat式ミクを2D化してみた その18 by そうくんS

Snow Miku 2016!

It’s only been a few days since the “Hatsune Miku Time 8″ live stream that determined the official look of 2016′s Snow Miku and Yukine, and many artists on Pixiv are already creating works of art to mirror Kotatsu Odoki’s winning designs:

Owly Owl Snow Miku 2016″ and “Flying Yukine” by Kotatsu Odoki

Here are a few that I’ve gathered:

SNOW MIKU 2016″ by 虐虐@YA-Z

雪ミク2016&ユキネ2016!!!!” by なると巻き

snow kaito 2016″ by 瘋狐

雪ミク、スノーボード” by 島べ

Snow Miku 2016″ by Dafi

雪ミクさんver.2016″ by アルト

雪ミク!!” by Chocolate

And many more are sure to come in the future! Don’t forget to show the illustrator that you like their work by rating and/or leaving feedback through the attached links! 


IA’s song by Mafumafu- Aftertaste of the Heart (ハートの後味/Haato no Atoaji)-with English and Romaji Subtitles

LYRICS (Kanji+Romaji+English) HERE! \(≧∇≦)/ (thnxs to dylandrugs​ for helping me with the translation!)