after smtm
  • Ravi:i'm home...
  • VIXX:so did you pass?
  • Ravi:no
  • VIXX:
  • Ravi:
  • VIXX:
  • Ravi:what?
  • N:aww!that's fine *clings to Ravi*
  • Leo:want something to eat? i'll cook.
  • Ken:*joins N in clinging to Ravi* let's practice on your winking later ok? BUING BUING! BUING BUING!
  • Hongbin:O.O
  • Hyuk:your rap always starts with Yo!
  • Hyuk:i told you before you suck at rapping
  • Hyuk:i'll join next season!

Petition for Hyuk to audition in SMTM5

[ROUGH TRANS] 150703 Japan MonTV - Seungho called Leo 

SeungHo : I’ve got questions. What is my height ?
Leo : 175 cm
SeungHo : Yahooo ( The answer is correct )

SeungHo : Which body part I am proud of ?
Leo : Hair ? Your gel hair ?
SeungHo : aah.. ( the answer is wrong )

SeungHo : Who is my favourite singer ?
Leo : Maroon ..
SeungHo : You don’t know ?
Leo : Maroon .. 6 ?

Seungho , Mir , G.O : *laugh*
(the answer is wrong)
Seungho : There’s no maroon 6 !
Mir : Time is running

Seungho : Which female style I hated ?
Mir : 3 . 2 . 1 . Time is up

G.O : I think Leo is very good. Maroon .. Maroon 6?
Mir & G.O : *imitating Leo*

Leo : Hello ! I’m Leo. It’s been a long time
SeungHo : What are you doing now ?
Leo : I’m exercising
SeungHo : What exercise ?
Leo : Boxing. Hahaha.. ( * u should listen how he’s laughing)

Mir : Leo, I heard that you like Seungho. Why do you like him ?
Leo : Since debut, Seungho gives a good advice like real bro who always take care of me. He’s my close friend. : vixxfacts
source : 150703 Japan MonTV


나는 로빅이다. 7월 7일 공개되는 중국어버전 #ERROR 를 녹음 중인 #빅스 요원들의 모습이다. 7월 18일 광저우 쇼케이스와 더불어 중국어 버전 ERROR 발매에 많은 관심 가져주길 바란다!

I am ROVIX. This is the VIXX Agents recording the Chinese version of Error that will be released on July 7. Please also anticipate the Guangzhou showcase on July 18 along with the Chinese version of Error!

Trans. cr: fyeah-vixx

  • N most likely:so did you make it? No? Well that's okay you'll get it next time sweetheart. Do you want me to go have a little chat with those judges? No I won't get arrest sweetheart. Let me tuck you into bed. Here's a tissue please done cry. Show me your rap sweetheart... That was great what was wrong. Oh, bobby? Oh. I'll fight them in he morning don't worry. Here I made this for you it's big chain with your name on it. Screw them. Love you too. Good night.