June 24 2017

Grape vine out front❣
We’re not growing these guys for grapes, more so for cover from the neighbours. But look at these bad boys?! So much bigger then last year.

I have to pick up more staples , string it up to the top - and around the front of the porch! Eventually it’ll all be covered in, and SO beautiful!


Steven Universe-ified Vines Part 2! A while back I did a took a bunch of vines and made them Steven Universe characters, and it got pretty popular! Here is my second compilation, some of which I’ve posted here and some of which are brand new (including the long-requested “I’m calling the weed” lmao). Here it is on YouTube (links to the originals are there as well), and here’s a link to Part 1 on Tumblr and YouTube!


Anonymous said:

Can you post the video of a Sith apprentice who’s unhappy with his name?

Here you go.