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Yesterday we remembered Peter Cushing on his day and today we are remembering another great actor on his birthday, no other than Vincent Price.

This man is my weak spot and I’ve seen almost everything he starred in. Such an amazing and talanted actor! Sadly, he passed away back in 1993. May he rest in peace, gone but not forgotten ♡


Vincent Price (1947) Message to listeners of The Saint

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In a prejudice filled America no one would be secure in his job, his business, his church or his home. Yet racial and religious antagonisms are exploited daily by quacks and adventurers whose followers make up the irresponsible lunatic fringe of American life.

Refuse to listen to or spread rumors against any race or religion. Help to stamp out prejudice in our country. Let’s judge our neighbors by the character of their lives alone and not on the basis of their religion or origin.