Protective Love

Pairing: Bjorn Lothbrok

Fandom: Vikings


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“I will be fine, Bjorn!” I yell at my childhood friend Bjorn for the upthenth time.

Ragnar, Bjorn’s father, told me earlier that he wants me to join the raid that he wants to go in in a few days. I gladly said yes. Being stuck in the village is boring and I’ve been longing to go out. Ragnar must have told Bjorn that I will be coming along, because not soon after Ragnar left Bjorn came, actually more like stormed over to me.

His face then had a dark expression and his jaw tensed. He was glaring at me as if I had just killed his family or something like that. I was confused at first why he was so angry, but he easily made it clear why he was angry when he uttered those few words that I hate to hear.

“You’re not coming.”

He said those words just a few seconds ago, but my anger level has already reached its maximum. While growing up, I’ve always been told to stay put and not get myself in trouble. Even Lagertha, a woman who encouraged other women to stand up for themselves and fight their own battles, was against be even coming near any weapons until I was 16.

“I don’t care if you think you’ll be fine! We’re going to a place that we have no knowledge of, Y/N!” Bjorn yelled.

By now Bjorn has made himself bigger than he usually is. His jaw became even more tense, his eyes were basically on fire, his arms flexed. If he had a bear hide thrown over him, I would have thought it was an actual bear.

I take a deep breath before I start talking again. I do have the tendencies to lose control with my anger sometimes. “Bjorn, I’ve trained hard for the past years to be able to fight just like your mother! I’ve been waiting for an opportunity like this for ages!”

Bjorn rolls his eyes and looks away for a few seconds. He lets out a sigh and looks back at me. It is clear that he still is angry, but his eyes have soften and he’s less tense.

“How am I supposed to know for sure that you are ready to fight unknown people? What if you aren’t ready for this, Y/N?” He says.

“Your Father wants me to come with. If he wants me to then it means that I’m ready, doesn’t it?” I ask.

Bjorn looks away again, fidgeting around. He usually isn’t so nervous. Bjorn to me is a straightforward guy that lets people know what he wants and what he has on his mind. Maybe something is wrong and he doesn’t want me worrying about it.

“Bjorn?” He quickly looks up at me ,”is something wrong? You’re usually not like this.”

He doesn’t respond, but looks at me directly into my eyes. Seconds, no minutes pass by. We’re still standing here, staring at each other.


“I love you, Y/N. I’ve been in love with you for a long while. While I was gone in the wilderness, I noticed how much I missed you. I missed your laugh, especially the way your nose scrunch up. I missed your eyes and they way they sparkled when you were up to mischief. Then I noticed how much I love you.”

So that is the problem he’s been dealing with. He loves me. I’ve loved like a brother when we first met, but that gradually changed as he grew older. When we reunited after he and Lagertha came to Ragnar’s help and I saw him again, I knew that Bjorn was a changed man. I also knew that my simple interest in Bjorn will develop into more than a childish crush.

“Bjorn I-”

The door quickly flew open and a grinning Ragnar peeks in. His smile reached up to his ears and his eyes sparkled with happiness.

“Hurry up, lovebirds! We’re leaving!” he yells before leaving.

Bjorn and I look at each other again. The air was tense. I want to tell Bjorn that I reciprocate his feelings and Bjorn wants to know what I’m going to say to his confession. But like usual I’m the usual idiot and ruin the moment.

“We should get going, your Father will get angry if we take longer than needed,” I mumble and awkwardly walk post Bjorn and out the door.


Ha! I hope you didn’t actually think I will write how the relationship will actually end! It’s kind of short, but I have another Bjorn imagine I’m working on that will be similar to this! So look out for that!

Btw, does anybody know a good place to watch Vikings on? I haven’t even finished Season 1 yet and I don’t even know where to watch it on. (You can tell me over Inbox or Messenger)


Looks like another exciting season and a farewell to Ragnar.


Kulning is an ancient herding call that originated in Sweden and Norway. It is used most often to call livestock (cows, goats, sheep, etc) down from pastures where they’d been grazing. The calls are typically used by women, though there are records of it having been used by men.

Seriously, watch this clip. It gave me goosebumps.



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