Hvitserk Marathon #6

Request:  Oooh babe I have an idea for an imagine you and hvitserk or ubbe are together you are one of the best shield maidens they have and he tells you that your not allowed to go on the next raid and you give him the silent treatment and he realizes he can’t have you ignore him because he feels like he’s going crazy sorry if it’s so long and descriptive thanks babes

Warnings: It’s rather cute
Words: 1859

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You reflexed your axe into the sunlight cracking through the wood of the blacksmith his work space, your brother. The runes on the metal glistered under the sun, prepping a smile on your lips as you pushed the edge of it down again to sharpen it. It was one of the places you were way to often before an upcoming raid. Just as it was his favorite place to. You didn’t looked up when you heard the familiar dragging of his body, you only enjoyed the sound of the contact your axe made while sharpening.
‘Y/n, what are you doing here?’ He asked you surprised, you could hear from miles away when he wasn’t general about it.
‘Never go to battle with an axe that isn’t sharpen.’ You replied, turning your body a little around to look at him.
‘Ah,’ Ivar nodded, rolling his jaw to suppress the smile that was trying to get on his face. ‘So you didn’t heard then?’ He asked just as you turned back.
‘You know I catch all your lies right?’
‘It doesn’t involve lying.’ He protested. You signed, turning around to him. He had his head titled, with that mock on his lips that often irritated you.
‘Spill.’ You gestured.
‘Did Hvitserk talked with you, about the raid?’ He asked with small squeezed eyes. You frowned, shaking your head. ‘You better do.’ Ivar chuckled, pulling his axe from out of his belt. ‘A certain ear caught a conversation between him and Björn in which they negotiated you not coming.’ He followed, turning his blue distinct eyes down to his axe.
‘Hvitserk doesn’t want me to come?’ You asked breathless.
‘You ask him yourself, he is eating dinner, like usual.’ The dark tug in his lips got lost in the way you walked out of that blacksmith, lips pressed together, eyes locked on the great hall. You weren’t just a shield maiden, you were the finest and the best. If he thought a relationship would get him on bossing you around he was wrong.

He was eating, like usual. You normally could adore his way around food or the fact how happy it made him but now you even ignored the boyish grin on his face when you walked it. At least Ubbe understood your look because he changed a fast look with Hvitserk.
‘A certain ear caught words that I can’t go on the next raid.’ You came straight to the point. His food got stuck, causing his to cough as he looked at you.
‘Ivar.’ He reacted as he got his cough under control.
‘And here I thought you would deny it.’ You smiled, hardly with any emotions really. Ubbe, wisely as he was, walked away from the table. Hvitserk got up from the table, wiping his mouth before coming around, sitting on the edge while pulling your closer at your hand. You let him.
‘I don’t want you to come.’ He stated honestly. Your jaws tensed on each other, not giving a crimp while his hands run over your arms before cupping your face. ‘I don’t want to find the one I love dead on a battlefield.’ He whispered, messing it even more up.
‘I’m the best shield maiden you have.’ You just stated, giving him a chance to make it right again.
‘And I want to lose you. Y/n, you understand?’
‘Totally.’ You faked with a smile, laying your hand on his before kissing him. You felt his fingers around your waist, following the curve of your ass before he pulled back.
‘Thanks for understanding.’ He smiled, generally in love. You petted his cheek before turning around and walking out.
‘You are so deep in trouble brother.’ You heard Ubbe chuckled, at least somebody understood. You were a born fighter, you always fought and now all the sudden you couldn’t? Because Hvitserk loved you … how much would he love your silence?

He sneaked in late at night, trying to get you awake by kissing your warm skin but you just ignored the innocent act until he fall asleep. When he woke up you were already long gone, practicing on the training ground in the forest. 
‘How did you took it?’ Ivar asked amused when he arrived. You pulled the string back, hitting a deer head right between the eyes. ‘Not good.’
‘I won’t say a word to him until he lets me come.’ You stated, looking aside to Ivar.
‘You know he will go crazy right? Before even realizing his fault?’ Ivar asked.
‘That is the plan.’ You muttered, taking another arrow, placing it on the bow.
‘I like you Y/n, if you ever grow sick of him you can always turn to me.’
‘Well,’ you stopped your own words, turning with the bow until your eyes fell on Hvitserk and Ubbe, joking while walking over. You took a deep breath, pulling the string back before aiming, hitting the tree just aside him. Hvitserk startled and the only sound around you was Ivar his laugh.
‘You weren’t there this morning.’ Hvitserk started. You tilted your head, crossing your arms while looking at him. ‘You are angry.’ He guessed.
‘You think you are good around woman by having such high standard but isn’t she a little too good for you?’ Ivar joked, ducking for the twig that got his way. He totally had his fun with it. You turned around, grabbing another arrow and getting back to your training.
‘Y/n, tell me.’ Hvitserk insisted, blocking your view from the deer. If he really was thinking you would shoot he was wrong. You pulled the string back, giving him a challenging look, he jumped aside before it could hit him. ‘You are that angry that you rather have me dead?’ He asked out of the blew.
‘I think she is proving a point brother.’
‘You shut up!’ Hvitserk snapped towards his younger brother. You couldn’t suppress the little smile on your lips, seeing how much it already irritated him that you didn’t say a word. ‘Fine, if you want to play it this way.’ Hvitserk started, pulling out his sword.
‘Be wise brother.’ Ubbe warned him. You gave the bow to Ivar and he gave you an sword instead. You already fought Hvitserk in countless ways, he didn’t won that often. He should know how good you where, he should be the one staying home, not you. You turned the sword two times around your wrist before setting your attention to him. You smiled, not the kind way, the promising way of winning this came.
‘Don’t think you can impress me.’ He smiled charming. You didn’t answer and he attacked. Your feet work went fluent, douching his attack with a fine line between defending and attacking back. For the first time you gave him the hints of the killer you could be, cutting him in his upper arm before swiftly tackling him down to the ground in les then five minutes. You pinched your sword to his throat, giving him a sweet smile yourself. ‘I’m sorry!’ He signed, losing the sword to surrender. ‘I offended your by saying you weren’t good enough, I’m sorry.’ He explained. You pulled the sword back and he got up, tilting hi head. ‘Forgive me?’ He asked sweet, out of breath. You gave the sword back to Ivar before leaving the trainings ground. ‘Y/n!’ He yelled after you but just as before he got only silence in return.

After that there wasn’t anything stopping him from trying to getting you to talk. He helped your parents with stocking hay the day after in the hope you would talk directly to him, which you never did. The day after that he tried on getting you somewhere you knew you liked it, the hunting cabin. There were a lot of vivid memories in that cabin that made you warm only by thinking. But you just went on with your work. You were in your brother his blacksmith when he found you the third day.
‘Here you are.’ He greeted you, totally normal. You turned your head to look at him but didn’t react. He grunted, strangling his fingers through his hair, almost pulling it out. ‘Please Y/n, how do I get you to talking to me again.’ He was almost begging. You studied his face as he came to stand before you. ‘I can’t handle this anymore, I said I was sorry a hundred times over. Please talk, I will do everything you ask.’ He promised. Your eyebrow cocked up … everything?
‘Normally it would feel better now, I made a few adjustments.’ Your brother started, walking from a little shed into the blacksmith. ‘Hvitserk.’ He greeted your lover. Hvitserk only signed, letting his head fall forward as you turned to your brother.
‘Thank you.’
‘Be careful.’ He warned you.
‘I will.’ You winked. You walked out, slowing your steps as you heard Hvitserk.
‘How do I get her to talk against me again?’ He asked your brother desperately.
‘Give her what she wants.’ You brother answered and you smiled, walking back home.

That evening you were invited to eat in the great hall, a really good meal with a lot of ale. Hvitserk was always watching you from the other side.
‘Still not talking to each other?’ Ubbe guessed.
‘I do plenty talking, she just doesn’t answer.’ Hvitserk muttered angry. You grew rather amused of the matter, knowing this would be the only lesson you would have to give him. After three days you longed on talking to him again, but you were just the more stubborn party. He looked at you, waiting for reaction before he slammed his mock down on the table. ‘You are driving me crazy.’ He threw out, frustrated. Ubbe frowned his eyebrows, rather amused and Ivar … well he had a lot of fun on the matter. ‘You can come.’ He gave in. A slow smile got on your lips while tilting your head.
‘Wasn’t that hard right?’ You asked him. He looked at you, mouth hanging half open.
‘Seriously, this was all I had to do?’
‘If you think you can make my choices than you are wrong Hvitserk.’
‘You just had to say it to me!’ He flew out, relieved, confused.
‘I did. You just don’t read woman that well.’
‘She did.’ Ivar supported you amused. You both gave him an angry glare.
‘Don’t make my choices, I’m a better fighter then you, you don’t get a say in how I die.’ You stated. Hvitserk grabbed his cup an drank it empty in one time. ‘But it’s cute seeing all the effort of past days.’ You bite your lip.
‘How can I still love you.’
‘Because I’m the best there is.’
‘If you die on me I kill you all over in Valhalla.’
‘If I die, we better make the best of it before then.’ You wiggled your eyebrows. He gazed at you before jumping from his seat. You smiled, getting up and giving jealous Ivar a seductive smile. ‘Enjoy my friends.’ You winked to them before following Hvitserk outside, feeling the greedy fingers around your body as if he missed your for weeks. Cute.


Summary: Hvitserk finds out the reader did something she wasn’t supposed to do and he decides to punish her

Warnings: fingering, smut, multiple orgasms, sort of sexual torture, serious dub con NSFW Dark!Hvitserk, mentions of masturbation, some dark, twisted shit, possibly triggering,  

Word Count: 1,601

Author: Lupy22 

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It was a big mistake. But you could care less. All you knew was that you couldn’t stop the strong ache growing between your thighs and you needed to come. Hvitserk had purposely left you unsatisfied as punishment and told you not to touch yourself.

But the ache between your legs grew and you were tingling. You needed to be satisfied and you thought if Hvitserk didn’t find out all would be alright. Oh, how wrong you were.

You slowly trailed your fingers down to your aching sex and began to gently rub your clit. You let the hot water relax you as you leaned your head back in the round tub. Hvitserk’s face flashed behind your closed eyelids. The little bolts of pleasure rocked through your body and you whimpered.

You were so lost in the feeling of pleasure that you didn’t even hear the heavy footsteps approaching you. This was gonna be so good. This orgasm was leave your legs trembling. Oh you weren’t going to be able to walk after this one. It was gonna feel so fucking-

As fast as it came, your orgasm was ripped violently away from you when a hand dipped into the water and yanked your hand away from between your thighs. Your eyes shot open and you gasped when you saw Hvitserk glaring down at you with eyes darkened with anger and lust.

“And what do you think you’re doing?” He growled. “I don’t remember giving you permission to do that, Y/N.”

You were yanked to your feet, you gripped his arms to maintain your balance. His eyes dragged across your naked soaked body and you felt heat begin to build in your stomach.

“You want to come? Fine, let’s make you come.” He roped his arms around your waist and heaved you right out of the tub.

He reached around and gripped your sopping wet hair. He stepped right into you and put his free hand on the small of hour back to keep you pushed against him.

“Hvitserk, please… I -”

Hvitserk’s mind became overthrown by his own dark desires. He didn’t give you another to speak. Instead he brought his lips to yours and began backing you up towards the bed. He pushed you onto the bed with all his strength and tilted his head as he analyzed your body.

“No more talking pet, you’re going to take what I give you. And your going to learn-” he bend down at the waist and dug his fingers right into your drenched opening. “That I’m the only one who can make you come.”

You threw your head back and hissed in pleasure as he began rubbing your clit with the tip of his thumb. His eyes are focused on your chest and breasts before they slowly drag up to your face. The look he gives off makes you shudder.

He offers you a little smirk before adding another finger into your entrance. You began thrusting your hips up, whimpering in deep need of a release. A light haze of warmth floods between your legs and your stomach tightens.

You let out a loud satisfied cry as your orgasm comes in little waves of pleasure. For a second you take the time to pray that this is it. That he will be easy today but you’re proven wrong.

Hvitserk slowly drags his fingers out of your now sensitive pussy and brings them to his mouth. The sound of his lips smacking makes your stomach clench even tighter. You watch him with a mouth hanging wide open and silently curse the Gods for teasing you with such a man.

You watch him slowly undress and you decide that this is bad. Because he’s looking hungry. He’s looking at you like you’re about to become his next meal and you already know what that means.

You dig your heels into the bed beneath you and you try backing up to create distance. Hvitserk shoots a hand out and grabs your ankle.

“Don’t even think about it.” He warns.

You stiffen immediately as he crawls on the bed and dives right on top of you. His erection is pressing into your thigh and you already know your punishment is about to begin. May the Gods show mercy on your body because you already know Hvitserk won’t.

His hands grip your knees and wrench them open before he gets back on his hands. You feel the tip of his erection press into your moistened folds and you nearly screech. Hvitserk smiles at your discomfort and lines himself up and then he’s diving into you. He’s thrusting his hips into yours while placing one hand around your neck to keep you still. The other he is using to prop himself up on his elbow.

“Hvitserk.” You moan as he rocks back and forth into you.

“That’s it, Y/N remind yourself who you belong to and who is the only one that can ever touch you.” He whispers in your ear before placing a light kiss on your jaw.

His entire body rubs up against yours and every time his muscles tighten you can’t help but feel your pussy clench around him. Goddamn he feels good inside you. He thrusts his hips up and rubs that one good spot that sends you spiraling in the next orgasm.

You clench tighter and tighter and you lean your head back as a warning glow travels between your legs. Your hands gripped his biceps as he snaps his hips down onto yours again.

“I swear nothing feels better then when you squeeze my cock.” He groans.

He pulls out, little strings of your juices breaking as he pulls away, grabs your legs and twists so you’re now flipped on your stomach. Your breathing so heavy you fear you might pass out. Hvitserk begins placing little kisses up your spine until he reaches the crook of your neck. He pitches the patch of skin between his teeth.

You jumped at the sudden sensation but Hvitserk isn’t paying attention to you. He’s just trying to find ways to make you come as many ways as possible.

He uses his own knees to keep you open and exposed to him as he allows his erection to just slide between your moistened folds until he gets to that one delicious spot just under the hood of your clit. The one that makes you flinch against the bed as hot painful bolts of pleasure shoot over you.

Your over sensitive and you’re not sure if your gonna last. Oh fuck.

“I’m going to make you come so much you won’t want to come for a while.” He whispers in your ear just before he moves your hair away from your face to lick the shell of your ear.

You let out a quiet whimper as he continues to grind the hot tip of him against your clit. Your becoming over stimulated and it feels fucking delicious but yet almost painful at the same time.

Finally he lets out a growl and holds you down by placing a hand right between your shoulder blades and using his free hand to lift your hips at a certain angle.

He finally ends the over stimulation torture and pushes his throbbing hard cock inside you again. You shriek and cry out as he begins thrusting in a brutal rhythms. Pain and pleasure both collide in a rather exquisite way as he rolls his hips up and purposely brushes against your g-spot. It’s to the point you don’t even know where you end or where he begins. He’s just pumping himself into you and hitting every one of your good spots all while keeping you pinned down onto the bed. He rubs that specific patch that shoots raw pleasure right to your abdomen and you can’t stop the loud moan that escapes your lips.

“That’s it Baby.” He whispers in your ear as he grinds into that specific spot again.

Your clenching tightly around him and you’re about to come again.

“You’re mine, and your gonna come for me.” He vows in a breathy moan while slamming into you.

You feel yourself being pushed over the edge and your body sputters from the impact. Your eyes nearly roll to the back of your head as that heated wave crashes down upon you. Strong, electric tingles of pleasure shoot through your core and you’re screaming his name.

Hvitserk pulls out and lays beside you, matching your heavy breath with his. You think your done. Your hoping that your done.

Wrong again.

Hvitserk rolls you on your side, facing him and slings one of your legs over his hips. He’s still hard as a rock. Your a trembling mess. Your sore, your over stimulated.

“Hvitserk!” You growl between clench teeth as you push against his chest.

“Oh, pet… Are you feeling sore?” He mocks sympathy.

“What do you think?“ You snap.

"What do I think?” He rolls back on top of you with his hands holding your wrists tightly.

He looks you dead in the eye with those dark, hungry eyes. “I think your gonna come…and this time it’s gonna be hard.” He crashes his lips into yours as he reaches down to line his throbbing cock against your sore opening.

Here we go again. 

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You Will Die

Part 8 of Ivar x Reader series

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Summary: Preparations are being made for your voyage to England. Before you set off, the queen pulls you aside. Desperate for you to change her beloved son’s mind, telling you of the watery grave that awaits.

A/N: Dun Dun Dun~ we’re going to England~ Yay~ 

You were standing by the docks watching as everyone else buzzed around you. Thoughts of your past were bubbling up. Probably because this was where it all began for you. The docks. 

Slaves were being auctioned off just to your right. Much like you were. Unlike you, none of them seemed to catch any of the royals interests.

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Hvitserk Liking You Headcanons

-Once Hvitserk realizes that he likes you he starts to get nervous around you and tries to cover it by acting even cockier than usual.

-Whenever you are around he each other he will start cracking a million jokes and hoping to make you laugh.

-He does of course also flirt with you, but his cocky behavior makes his flirtation seem over the top making you think that he is just playing around. This is the major reason behind you not realizing how he really feels.

-Hvitserk not telling his brothers about how he feels about you, but Ubbe figuring it out pretty quickly.

-Hvitserk trying to figure out if there is anyone else trying to court you without making it obvious that he wants to.

-Sometimes taking the extra opportunity to talk to you by bringing you a horn of ale during a feast.

-Hvitserk not being able to keep himself from smiling when he sees you having fun training with your friends, or dancing with them in the great hall.

-Him being impressed by your fighting skills, but also worrying about you whenever you go into battle with the rest of the army

-When he sees you having fun celebrating in the great hall he often finds himself daydreaming about the two of dancing and celebrating together.

-Eventually he is unable to hide his feelings any longer and one night, after a little ale, he decides it’s time to show you how he feels. Hvitserk ends up boldly walking up to you in the middle of the great hall and kissing you, one hand on your waist and the other holding your jaw. 

How can someone say that Lagertha isn’t wise and acts based on her force solely? Look what she has conquered…
I don’t like the idea of perfection. She’s not a perfect woman, she has a lot of faults, but dumb? She was a farmer that became an Earl, and now a Queen. How can someone conquer so much based only on force? This person must have a brain, some cleverness…
If we’re going to say that Lagertha isn’t wise or intelligent, so neither is Ragnar, because both journeys are very similar. But Ragnar failed in many instances (more than Lagertha, undoubtedly): bad parent, bad husband, abandoned his family, Wessex settlements, Paris… and I don’t see anybody questioning his choices and mind.

But I understand all that hate toward Lagertha. Now she’s the antagonist fighting against the main character, Ivar. It’s like Jarl Borg fighting against Ragnar on season 2.

In my opinion, her biggest mistake was killing Aslaug.
I didn’t want Aslaug dead and, worst, dead by the hands of Lagertha.

Anyway, in our society is usual to discredit female achievements. Women are always called power hungry and dumb.

Why did Vikings have 'Allah' embroidered into funeral clothes?

Researchers in Sweden have found Arabic characters woven into burial costumes from Viking boat graves. The discovery raises new questions about the influence of Islam in Scandinavia, writes journalist Tharik Hussain.

They were kept in storage for more than 100 years, dismissed as typical examples of Viking Age funeral clothes.

But a new investigation into the garments - found in 9th and 10th Century graves - has thrown up groundbreaking insights into contact between the Viking and Muslim worlds.

Patterns woven with silk and silver thread have been found to spell the words “Allah” and “Ali”.

The breakthrough was made by textile archaeologist Annika Larsson of Uppsala University while re-examining the remnants of burial costumes from male and female boat and chamber graves originally excavated in Birka and Gamla Uppsala in Sweden in the late 19th and mid-20th centuries. Read more.

Wager (NSFW)

Originally posted by whenimaunicorn

Ivar the Boneless x Reader

Warnings: smut, sibling rivalry

Request by: @wisewinnerstrawberry

A/N: Hey look, I finally wrote a request. Again though, if you have made a request please don’t fucking ask me when it’ll be posted. I’m super serious about this.

“Oh please, you couldn’t even if your life depended on it!” Bjorn bellowed, his drink sloshing out of his cup as he waved it in the air. “None of you could!”

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